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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


As DiBiase fans have already observed, Ted the Jobber is BACK!  Recently, Ted had to face Hunico (with his comrade Comacho) with an injured hand.  Of course, the bandaged hand merely served as a target for Hunico, who by focusing on the wounded appendage, made quick work of DiBiase.  After the match, Hunico and Comacho continued the assault on the hand, while Ted screamed in pain.

And after the match...

Isn't it hot when they focus on just one body part?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Beefy And Bearhuggable

My man Michael Elgin vs. Chris Hero for Ring of Honor in Philadelphia, February 20, 2012.  Elgin would end up winning (yeah!).  (Although Elgin losing is sexy as hell, too.)  When Bruno generously sent me these photos, he mentioned that Elgin looks "so beefy and 'bearhuggable', doesn't he?"  He absolutely does, Bruno!  Spot on!  I think Elgin is perfect, and he totally does it for me.  So sit back and enjoy these pictures, with an extra thanks to Bruno for providing them!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Seeing Red, Part IV

A vindictive Mr. Laurinaitis was not content to make John Cena's friend, Zack Ryder, battle in a match for which he was not medically cleared, costing him his precious Unites States championship.  Such was Mr. Laurinaitis' hatred for John Cena, and knowing how close Cena and Ryder had grown, he continued punishing Cena THROUGH Ryder by forcing Ryder to compete in a falls-count-anywhere match against Kane.  No count-outs, no disqualifications--and no help from Cena, or else Ryder would never have a rematch for his title.  With that stipulation, even Ryder told Cena to stay out of things.  So against his better judgment, and with much concern for his brave little buddy, Cena watched as the demon Kane had his way with young Ryder.

Under "falls count anywhere" rules, Kane was able to take Ryder everywhere he wanted, to inflict damage: ringside, into the crowd, and eventually up the metal ramp to the entrance stage.  Powerless to help, Ryder's girlfriend Eve hovered helplessly in the background.  With a mighty chokeslam, the demon Kane sent Ryder crashing through the stage floor.

At this point, it was determined that Ryder was in no condition to continue the match (a point that could have been reached ages ago).  Cena came out to watch with Eve as Ryder was loaded onto a gurney and wheeled into an ambulance.  While Cena felt nothing but concern for his friend, Eve lashed out at Cena.  Not only was it Cena's feud with Kane that got Ryder noticed by Kane in the first place, but Cena did nothing to help Ryder during this merciless beatdown.  Yes, he was respecting Ryder's wishes, but in the heart of a girlfriend, this didn't go far; Ryder's safety should have come first.

The news came in: Kane had broken Zack Ryder's back.  No rematch for his United States championship at the upcoming pay-per-view, or at any point in the forseeable future.  And with the pain Kane had caused to Cena's friend, possibly ending his promising young career, the demon was confident that the seeds of hate in Cena had been watered, and would continue to grow.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Randy Friday: The Legacy, Part II

The Legacy at their individual best: Randy looks cagey, Cody looks pissy, and Ted looks confused.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Seeing Red, Part III

John Cena had many enemies, among them the demon Kane, but also the interim General Manager, Mr. John Laurinaitis, who was frustrated that he couldn't get Cena completely under his thumb.  Now, after Kane sent Zack Ryder crashing off of a dock and onto a wooden pallet, an injured young Zack was not medically cleared to compete.  Knowing this, but also knowing that Zack Ryder was a good friend of Cena's, Mr. Laurinaitis hid the fact that the doctors had not cleared Ryder for action, and put Ryder in a match to defend his coveted championship against Dolph Ziggler's colleague, Jack Swagger.  Hurt, but with a fighting spirit, Ryder refused to forfeit the match, preferring to go down fighting.  Unfortunately, a big heart wasn't enough to save Ryder from the pain that night would bring.  The match was extremely one-sided in Swagger's favor, and as a concerned Eve watched helplessly, her boyfriend was brutalized and beaten, and his championship taken away from him.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Seeing Red, Part II

Zack Ryder was seeing his dreams come true.  He had won the United States championship, and he finally convinced Eve to go out with him.  In fact, they had plans to go out after Eve's match against the Diva champion.  But as Eve entered the ring and waited for her opponent to arrive, an ominous aura filled the arena.  All was bathed in red light, as a hellish dirge came from everywhere at once, all signalling the arrival of the monster, Kane.

But where was Kane?  Without knowing where he might be coming from, a panicky Eve quickly grew hysterical.  Fortunately, a concerned Ryder rushed down, to help his girlfriend flee to safety.

But wouldn't you know it!  Right when they most needed to speedily escape, Ryder discovered he had a flat tire.  Instructing Eve to stay in the car and keep the door locked, Ryder began fumbling with the tire, as if his life depended on it--which it very well may have.

Later that night, Ryder's friend John Cena had a match against Dolph Ziggler, the arrogant young fighter from whom Zack Ryder had won the United States championship.  During the course of his match, the giant monitor showed that Zack Ryder was still trying to change his tire.

Sadly, pure desperation couldn't save Zack Ryder, and the demon Kane caught up to him.  Or had he been biding his time all along, feeding off of the fear that he was causing?

When the monitor displayed Ryder's plight, all thought of his current match went out of Cena's head, to be replaced solely with the thought that his friend needed help.

Unfortunately, that help would be delayed.  Cena's opponent, Dolph Ziggler, was nothing if not opportunistic, and he saw the assault of Zack Ryder as a welcome distraction, a way to help him win his match.

While Cena was being slowed down by Dolph, Kane had taken Ryder to the edge of a dock, and without mercy, sent him crashing to the ground below, while a beautiful "Randy Orton" trailer bore silent witness.

As Kane surveyed his handiwork, John Cena finally caught up to him (incidentally awarding Dolph Ziggler a victory by count-out).

But Kane was ready for him, and once again, Cena fell victim to his chloroform-evil hand.  It looked like the madness would never end...