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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Delights

Above is a Halloween treat: Jessie Godderz looking like a spooooooky ghost from the turn of the century.  Er, the LAST turn of the century.  I mean, the turn of the LAST century.  Century before last.  If ghosts took pictures with phones.  C'mon, like I NEED a reason for more Jessie Godderz?

"Has he ever had his picture on a bubblegum card?"

"How can you say someone is great if they've never had their picture on a bubblegum card?"

In a magazine with Rob fucking Terry.

With tough (and cute) Matt Hughes.

Have a happy Halloween, Inner Jobbers!  Be sure to check out Zak Bagans' CD, "NecroFusion."  Made with Praga Khan (of Lords of Acid), the CD includes voices from beyond, captured by technology.  It's really good--not just for Halloween.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Making Up For Lost Time

There has been way too much of not enough Jessie Godderz here at Inner Jobber, so let's continue to make up for that, shall we?


It's almost a waste of an ab stretch, when the abs on display aren't Jessie's...

Monday, October 29, 2012

Man Candy

As much as I've enjoyed being freed of the annoying things about televised wrestling by not watching it, I kind of have to start paying attention again, at least somewhat.  Because now Jessie Godderz is on Impact, on Spike TV.  Currently he's the "Hollywood boyfriend" of Tara (who was Victoria in WWE).  No televised matches for Jessie yet, although this Thursday he HAS been challenged to a match with wrestler ODB.  Now, ODB happens to be a woman, so don't expect a lot of give-and-take.  Which is fine by me--a guy beating up a girl would do absolutely nothing for me.  (I mean come on, gross.)  But if Jessie got beaten up by a girl--I don't know.  Usually in wrestling for me, if the guy getting beaten up is hot, that's all I need really.  As far as I'm concerned the wrestler beating up the hot guy might as well look like the Phantom Blot from Mickey Mouse.  So maybe Jessie's first match on Spike TV against ODB will be hot anyway.  (I mean, Jessie's in it, right?)  Maybe another guy will get involved to fight Jessie.  All I know is I won't be seeing it as it happens, I'll have to record it and then skim through and find it.  Because Hulk Hogan and his daughter creep me out, and Jeff Hardy pisses me off whenever I see him, by being a living, breathing embodiment of "one law for the rich, another for the poor."  Oops, I talked about things I DIDN'T like!  I wasn't going to do that.  Sorry.  Here's some hot Jessie Godderz to get things back on track.

Oops, heh heh.  Okay, here we go.  Jessie with Tara.  Actually I think that it's kind of funny that he's coming into it as a champion's boyfriend, watching from ringside and looking pretty, interfering to help her win her matches.  He's got a role they usually have women fill.  It's refreshing--but I'd still like to see him in action.

Jeans can't hide that fantastic ass.

The shirts don't stay on long (fortunately).

Friday, October 26, 2012

Randy Friday: Eternal Youth

Randy's been letting his hair grow lately.  I don't know if it's only because he's filming "12 Rounds 2" but I kind of hope he keeps it up even when filming is done.  It's funny that just a small change to his hair and he suddenly looks like he did in, oh, say 2004.  Here's the rejuvenated Randy against the Miz, looking better than usual himself with his scruffy growth of beard, even as Randy is cleaned up and shaved.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Irresistable Force Vs. The Floppy Object

By not watching televised wrestling as obsessively as I used to, I sometimes miss real doozies, like Ryback (formerly Skip Sheffield) vs. Dolph Ziggler.  Here's a case of two people who really do it for me for different reasons: Ryback, with his meaty bulk, making Dolph's leaner frame bounce around the ring (Dolph's not too proud to sell a move).  I miss the trunks Ryback wore as Skip, but he's being more prominently featured now so I can't complain.  And Dolph's trunks have lost the legs to become much more classic, smaller and more appealing.  Fine work, gentlemen, fine work.


This picture might win.

In this picture, Dolph looks like a cartoon character.  I love it.

Or, this picture might win.