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Friday, June 27, 2014

Good Looking Rematch

Movimus Wrestling: Max Anderson vs. Jordan Clark (Match 2)

Two of Movimus Wrestling's best-looking wrestlers get a rematch!  Max Anderson vs. Jordan Clark 2!  Straight to the high points:

  • Jordan Clark's floppy blond hair!
  • Max Anderson's barely-there speedo!
  • Handsome faces and great bodies!  Seriously on this one.  Max and Jordan are BOTH good looking, and BOTH have great bodies.  This creates a bit of a conundrum for someone like me, who has been known to pick favorites based on shallow reasons like appearance.  (Will Jordan's hair push me over to his side?  Or will Max's speedo bring me back to his side?)
  • Wrestling!  I'm always afraid that if I spend too long talking about appearance, people will think the guys can't wrestle (or that I don't notice that they can).  They can, and I notice!  They can wrestle, AND it's aesthetically pleasing.  They have these long, strong limbs that they use to just entwine the FUCK out of each other.  Seriously, if I was either one of these guys, I would be SO ANNOYED at the other one for making me work SO HARD for each tiny little victory.
I sure hope these guys go at it again, because they make for a REALLY great match.  And I think they just have a great chemistry--you can FEEL the desire in both of them to not be one-upped by the other!

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Rock Hard Wrestling: Matt Engel vs. Josh Steel vs. Justin Silver

I'll be honest: Usually I'm a fan of straight-up one-on-one matches.  Tag teams make it start to be harder to focus on who I care about, and battle royals are right out.  But a three-way match is still easy enough for the easily distracted (such as myself) to appreciate the action, without any of the wrestlers getting lost in the shuffle.

In fact, there's an advantage to three-way matches over one-on-one.  Double teaming!  And Rock Hard Wrestling's Matt Engel vs. Josh Steel vs. Justin Silver certainly has that.

You've seen the boy-next-door hotness of Matt Engel and Josh Steel here at Inner Jobber before, but dark, handsome and lanky Justin Silver is a newcomer--an extremely welcome newcomer!  And he's got the attitude, aggression and wrestling skills to match up perfectly well with his two experienced opponents.

Shifting allegiances make a match so dramatic.  Working together against one guy, but having to remember that you're actually still in it for yourself, despite your temporary alliance.  So there's the double-teaming of a tag match, but with an added layer of sneakiness and treachery.  Hm, despite that first paragraph, maybe three-way matches ARE a favorite of mine...


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Teddy's Back

A friend of Inner Jobber e-mailed me to let me know that Ted DiBiase is still wrestling post-WWE.  (Thank you, friend!)

Ted takes on Colt Cabana (with Maryse on commentary) for FWE here.  To quote the kind soul who alerted me: "Unfortunately the whole match isn't there but there's a nice section where Ted gets spanked at 7.33."  Thank you, friend.

Seeing Ted again makes me realize how much I've missed him.  The lovable goofball.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Tough Guys

Movimus Wrestling: Connor Flynn vs. Jayson Dolan

Alright you guys, you know I'm not a writer for a profession.  Otherwise I would've said "all right" instead of "alright," right?  So with Connor Flynn vs. Jayson Dolan for Movimus Wrestling, a lot has already (all ready?) been said, both by Movimus themselves (itself? himself?) and by Joe at Ringside at Skull Island (Hi Joe!).  This match is really good, so I don't want to disrespect it (and technically "disrespect" is a noun and not a verb, right?), but being the not-the-most-eloquent person I am, I'll review the high points with bullet points.

  • Fast-paced!  The action is quick, but never sacrifices the quality of wrestling you can expect at Movimus.  They're still technical, but you know, in a kind of more aggressive way.
  • Competitive!  Each wrestler gives no quarter, nor does either ask one.  (Didn't that sound good?  I stole it from a book.)  Seriously though, no pushovers.  Each guy has to really work for any advantage.
  • Connor Flynn's shiny, shiny blue trunks!  I want all my clothes made out of that.  I'm not being facetious, I love that gear.  I could just stare and stare at it.  Good choice, Connor Flynn!  According to Movimus Wrestling:  "Connor is wearing the Deluxe Edition in Liquid Teal from"  (SIDE NOTE: How hot is that guy in the Deluxe Edition picture?  Can't find that model's name though, sorry.  Some stalker, right?  Off-topic anyway.)
  • Jayson Dolan's foot tape!  I love barefoot with foot tape.  Foot tape makes you look extra tough.  When I wear all Liquid Teal clothes, I'll keep my feet bare except for foot tape.  (If I'm focusing on the gear too much, I'm sorry, but the gear is one of the neat things about wrestling.)
So here's what some of that action looks like (which I have to admit I'm impressed with; these are some nice clear images of a pretty rough-and-tumble match.  Nice job, Movimus!):

BONUS IMAGE: That Prevail Sport Deluxe Edition guy:

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bear Necessities

Thunder's Arena: Bear

Today you join me at the beginning stages of a Sean Pford wrestler fascination: I've located a wrestler (this time from Thunder's Arena), and something in me (call it intuition) said, "THAT one!"  His name is Bear, and everything about him speaks to me.

He's 5'11, a burly 240 lbs., and hairy.  I'm at that exciting stage where I haven't yet seen him IN a match, but reading the product descriptions has me pretty eager to.  It sounds like he's big on trash talk (another plus in my book), incessantly deriding his smaller opponent as he thrashes him.

But the first match I'M going to order has Bear facing Johnny Bravo.  With Johnny at 6'2, 275, as big as Bear is he's no longer the biggest man in the match.

The match is Bodybuilder Battle 61.  Again, I haven't seen it YET, but I plan on ordering it soon.  There IS an advantage to writing about a match I haven't seen yet: I don't have to worry about giving anything away I shouldn't!  Everything I know, I get from the Thunder's Arena site, so it's fair game.  And it sounds exciting.

Firstly, seeing someone as big as Bear get manhandled is always exciting.  And I've seen Johnny Bravo dominate before, so I KNOW he's up to the task.

Secondly, while I'm excited about Bear being a trash talker, it sounds like this even extends to when he's on the receiving end of some punishment.  Somebody brash enough to not cave in, confident enough in his own abilities that he believes he will eventually turn things around and so is free to trash talk even when in dire straits, THAT'S my kind of wrestler.

Thirdly: I don't love Johnny Bravo for his modesty!  Bravo taunts relentlessly as well, and according to Thunder's Arena: "Not content to just physically dominate Bear, JB acutally wakes Bear up during a sleeper so that Bear can hear more of JB's humiliating trash talk."  Wow, I was talking about supreme confidence?  There you go.  That moment ALONE makes me want to see Bodybuilder Battle 61.

I wouldn't like to leave without mentioning a recent post by my friend Bard at Neverland.  In "The Tease," Bard tells us he both loves and hates a hot tease in homoerotic wrestling, and shares his hope that companies like Thunder's Arena will one day cross the line into full exposure wrestling.  I love a tease too, but I fall on the other side of the fence on this one.  I actually prefer everything NOT be revealed.  Maybe it's the tease itself that makes it more exciting.  Or maybe I'm just kind of inhibited.  But I for one am glad that there are companies like Thunder's Arena taking me right up to the edge, but not crossing over.  (Maybe this is what Samantha Fox meant when she said "Hurt me hurt me but the pants stay on.")

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

High Brows

I really like a good thick pair of eyebrows.  I saw the above page in a magazine (see the edges where I tore it out?).  Okay, let me detour for a minute to explain that I actually hate magazines, but I (VERY generously in my opinion) subscribed to a couple to help someone out who was selling subscriptions (never mind about THAT), and without getting too into it, magazines kind of reinforce in me all that's wrong with the world.

BUT!  A fresh-faced beauty as you see above hidden in the first 300 pages of ads at the beginning of a magazine DID catch my attention.  Just a little internet searching (leaving me feeling only slightly stalky) revealed the model is Sterling Folkestad, six feet tall.  And despite his youthful appearance, he's thirty, so throwing him in a wrestling ring (in my mind) is totally okay.  Would he NOT be the perfect babyface jobber?  (Babyface jobber trying to be a heel, that's how I see him.)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014