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Sunday, September 14, 2014

What A Waste

I'll start with the positive: I'm glad Zack Ryder is appearing on TV, so I can see him at ALL.  But currently, while he seems to be at his biggest and brownest and most beautiful, his matches only last about a minute and a half, after which his opponents turn their attention to other rivals, the ones they're REALLY concerned with.

Now, I'd be thrilled if Zack was getting a break, moving up and winning matches.  But since I ALSO love jobbers, I wish he'd at least lose in LONGER matches.  Instead of a minute and a half, let's build up the heels' credibility by giving them, say, FIVE minutes, or SEVEN minutes even, to batter, break and bend that beautiful bronze body.

The pictures at the bottom, against Rusev, are some of my favorites.  (No hard feelings, Zack.  I love you, honestly.  This is kind of why, actually.)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Giving It

Yesterday we reviewed some absolutely beautiful images of Randy Orton suffering at the hands of Roman Reigns.  Now, if you're the type who would rather see Randy dishing it out, or if you're interested in seeing Roman being dominated, then today's post (with pictures from might be up your alley.

As usual, click to enlarge, 'cause these are some brilliant, big-ass pictures.

(I love Randy's grey trunks.)

Friday, September 12, 2014

Taking It

Happy Randy Friday!  You know, with time passing, and doing other things, and one thing and another, I sometimes just kind of forget how beautiful Randy Orton is, until I see him in a match like this.  He's big and smooth and powerful, and absolutely at his best when, as in these images, he's on the receiving end of some punishment.  (Images from

Click to enlarge.  (Roman on the receiving end coming soon!)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

C-BAC: James Norley

At 6'1, lean and fit, model James Norley Coulda Been A Contender.  Maybe shoulda.  I would have heels PLEASE take note of his beautiful, grabbable hair handle.  (But of course what heel worth his salt would need me to point that out to him.)  After doing an image search from the above magazine page, I found the following images here.  James Norley, please report to the nearest wrestling ring.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

On A Roll

Feeling pretty good about myself for having identified Jason Static under a different name in a wrestling video, and getting my Jason Static fix, I was able to turn my attention a little more closely to his opponent, Rycky Atlas.  And AGAIN felt the tingle of familiarity.  And my instincts were right.

Who should Rycky Atlas turn out to be but a young Ezekiel Jackson.

So this whole time I thought I had a match with two hot unidentifiable wrestlers, and it turns out I've had access to Jason Static vs. Ezekiel Jackson all along!