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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Venis By Request

In a previous post, I received the following request:

"i love the older beefier val venis - please please post another youtube video of val venis as sean silver getting beaten please please"

Ask, and ye shall receive!  (I mean you just can't say no when someone says please, can you.)

Val Venis vs. Shane Douglas

I'll include myself with the person who wanted to see older, beefier Val Venis (hot), especially taking his turn on the losing end.

This is Val's second and final match in the movie "Ultimate Death Match 3."

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fearless Leader, Sarcastically

At first I wasn't sure if I'd like Rock Hard Wrestling's Alex Waters & Dash Decker (Dream Team) vs Ethan Andrews & Gage Cardona (Green Team).  It's a gamble when you blatantly think one team is hotter than the other (sorry, Green Team!).  Going into this, I KNEW Dash Decker was my favorite, but a few minutes into the action, and Alex Waters was definitely a close second.

You know what they say: A jobber's only as good as his heel.  Sure, strictly speaking this isn't a jobber/heel squash match.  (So you back-and-forth fans who get bored when it gets one-sided, this one's for you too.)  And the Green Team definitely prove their worth on the mat.  They're smart, they're technical, and they're not afraid to blatantly cheat.  Which all comes down to the fact that even though they're wiry and lose some muscle mass to their opponents, it still makes sense when they're dominating.

The match starts with some brash boasting, kind of light-hearted and funny, but it gets serious pretty fast.  KNOWING how much smaller they are, the Green Team seems to make it their goal to humiliate their bigger opponents.  (A personal favorite moment of mine is when they call Dash "the fearless leader" sarcastically.  Which, especially in context, is pretty vicious.)

Usually I prefer singles matches, but I love this, because this is a tag match where whatever's going on at any given moment, it's hot.

And yeah, I really like the ending.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Black November

Recently at Beefcakes of Wrestling, Bruno posted about the wrestler wall stickers available at  They're neat, but in a kind of expensive, fun-to-think-about-but-not-REALLY-get-one way (for me).  But I had actually wanted to mention TNA's shop too, while there's still a little November left.  They're having a sale during November.  (Christy Hemme's CD is only $5--Long live physical CDs!)  On the more affordable end of the spectrum, 8x10s are only $0.99.  For present AND past wrestlers.  (I swear no company asked me to talk about this.  I just wanted to.)

Brian Kendrick

Davey Richards

Ethan Carter III


Joey Ryan

Samuel Shaw


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pretty Boy Big Pecs In Action, Part Two

From the movie "Ultimate Death Match 3" comes this match: Johnny Swinger (Johnny Parisi) vs. Sean Silver (Val Venis).  Never mind that it comes from a movie; what we have here is a could've-been-on-TV wrestling match.  (The plot of the movie happens in segments between matches, and somewhat in the commentary of the matches.  Honestly, I skimmed the movie to watch the matches.  Honestly, I skimmed the matches to find Johnny Swinger, and that chest of his.)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

When The Indie Boys Go At It

A kind reader sent me a lot of images from Maverick vs Marko, and it made me realize how remiss I've been in not mentioning  I've purchased a few videos from there recently, and have really enjoyed them.  Since that nice reader sent me these images, I'll talk about this match first.

First thing's first: I LOVE seeing Tony "Maverick" Nese in this type of specialty match.  Such a thrill after being limited to a handful of TNA appearances and YouTube matches of questionable video quality.

In regards to this match in particular.  I know a lot of people favor back-and-forth matches, and get bored at straight-up squash matches.  Those people will probably love this match.  There's a lot of give and take.  Being on the "squash" end of the spectrum, I will admit to sometimes fast forwarding through parts, to get to Maverick on the receiving end.  And I have to say, even with that in mind for squash match fans, it's STILL totally a match worth getting.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Pretty Boy Big Pecs In Action, Part One

See barrel-chested Johnny Swinger (AKA Johnny Parisi, AKA Joe Dorgan, AKA Pretty Boy Big Pecs) in a high image quality, widescreen match against Kid Kash.  The match comes from the movie "Ultimate Death Match 2" from 2010, the middle in three movies featuring a series of wrestling matches strung together by a plot contemplating society's obsession with watching what's "real."  (It's only the final match in the tournament that's a Death Match, so you know, nobody gets killed in this OVW match.)

High quality Johnny Swinger matches?  That's gold.  And he's looking great as ever.

The action is great, particularly Johnny suffering in a submission, and the vicious Kid Kash refusing to relinquish the hold.  Even after the match, Kid Kash relentlessly attempts to carry on with the destruction of his decimated jobber.