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Friday, February 27, 2015

Make New Friends, But Keep The Old

Love finding new C-BACs--Coulda Been A Contenders--you know, guys whose hotness demands that they should be wrestling.  A friend of Inner Jobber pointed me in the direction of Dean Michael Fazzolari.  He stands out.  You know you want to see him in the ring.

This same friend of Inner Jobber also directed me to the YouTube interview with Rene Dupree I was talking about the other day but couldn't find.  (This friend gets ALL the Inner Jobber brownie points.)

Rene Dupree Shoot Interview Preview

" is silver and the other's gold."

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Loose Ends

Point the First

Earlier I blogged about Mikey Hanlon vs. Damien Rush.

They have a rematch already!  Up at Movimus Wrestling.  Hairy vs. Smooth.  Meaty and sweaty and grapply.  (What's NOT to love?)

Point the Second

So I've stopped watching televised professional wrestling, for real, finally.  The man I have to thank for that: Rene Dupree!

I had heard the stories about him before, the arrogance, the "better-than-thou" attitude.  Then I saw a really good interview with him on YouTube (can't find the specific one again to link here, darn it), where he revealed that he was shy (he started as a teenager) so he didn't talk to people, and that was often misinterpreted as superiority.  Instead of going to the bar with the guys, he'd go to the gym and then go home to bed.  Rene!  You're my kind of people!  I loved finally hearing the other side of the story.  REALLY I should probably say I'm thanking JBL for stopping watching.  JBL's the one who, according to Dupree, never let a day pass without calling Rene "French faggot."  And if you try to watch nowadays, JBL's face, and voice, are EVERYWHERE.  And I just don't want to see and hear that anymore.  I don't want to participate in a world where harassment and bullying are acceptable.  And I had stopped watching Ring of Honor after a Brisco's violent homophobia came to light, when I discovered that seeing them on TV was too much of a buzzkill.  (And TNA--they just moved to a channel I don't get.)  So now, it's wrestling on DVDs!  So I can pick and choose what to watch and when and never get angry or frustrated.  Which brings me, in a way, to...

Point the Third

Some companies, like Thunder's Arena and Cameron Matthews, accept Paypal as a form of payment.  And Paypal accepts Paypal Credit, a buy-now-pay-later system you can use without a credit card.  It's terribly convenient, and has opened more wrestling matches up to me.  (But now, I'm kind of in debt and really have to stop.)

Point the Fourth

Kate Pierson's solo album!  Just throwing that out there.

Seriously, she might have the most underrated voice in music, ever.

Point the Fifth

If you haven't already, be sure to check out The Jobby Awards.  It's like a dozen posts in one, so there's a lot there.  In a way, it was me giving myself an opportunity to stop blogging.  But now that I have friends and fellow bloggers whose blogs might have to stop because of Google's more restrictive policies, the rebellious streak in me wants to keep going.  Sure I was fine to stop when it was my OWN idea, but not because of Google cracking down on explicit content.  (Okay, let's face it, I'm not really that explicit anyway.  Just, you know, incidentally explicit, like with Rene Dupree bulging, because that's kind of explicit just by EXISTING.  Let's look at that again.)

Remember Lana Del Rey?  Well I forgot to mention it, but she won me over with the line: "My pussy taste like Pepsi-Cola."

And so to bed!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ivan Part 2

A while back I posted about a beautiful cover model who was only identified as "Ivan."  (Or, "Ivan with the Best Eye Brows.")

Since then I have discovered his name, thanks to photographer JP Santamaria tagging him in one of his (Santamaria's) Facebook photos: Ivan Garcia Fuentes.

So hooray, now I've been able to find more images of him!  (Sadly haven't found a height yet, but where there's a will...!)

These next few images are specifically to spite Google, who's getting a LITTLE too prudish lately.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Babyface Chase's Chaste Babyface

This post is in loving memory of Chase Tatum, one of WCW's Power Plant graduates high on the end of the spectrum labeled "HOTT with 2 T's."  Gone far too soon, his memory lives on in his matches.

See him in action here, where he forgoes his military pants for smaller trunks.  I've always loved Chase's boyish face atop his mountainous body (6'4, 260 lbs).  I seriously couldn't pick a favorite body part: Those traps?  That ass?  That monster chest?  That theater screen back?  Those tree trunk thighs?  Maybe that babyface.  Here he faces an even larger opponent, Van Hammer (billed here simply as Hammer), at 6'6, 280 lbs.

I love when Chase gets offense in, I really do.  But as a jobber, he is just too too.

(I got that "too too" bit from a 1930's Betty Boop cartoon.  It's just far too annoying for me NOT to use.)

CTE--Click To Enlarge!

And some more of babyface Chase.  I love that he got to be the good guy in this match.  He should have always been billed as the good guy.  And have been used more.  (Sigh.)

And in case you missed it, the video:

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My Only King Is Scott

While awaiting the arrival by mail of my copy of the 1987 movie "The Barbarians," but still needing to scratch that barbarian itch, I came across model Scott King.  He's got the size (6'2) and the gravity that comes with age (he's 37 or 38 years old--in my current mood I say: Yea, a grown-up!).  And from the interviews I've read, he sounds like a really nice, decent guy (which is a big plus).  Hair dresser, boxer, DJ, dancer, model...