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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Nerdgasm (+UPDATE)

Since I was a kid I've loved the 1984 Ghostbusters movie.  (Some of you may remember when I used to go by "Stay Puft" around here.)  So obviously I was going to have some opinions about the remake.

  • For some reason, I found Chris Hemsworth so much sexier in "Ghostbusters" than as Thor.  Same actor, but so much sexier.  Does it say something about me?  I don't care why, I kind of hate introspection, but there you go.
  • It was really funny without being crude.  (ONE joke that COULD be considered crude was funny enough that it's okay.)
  • It FELT real Ghostbusters-y.  (I liked both movies and the cartoons as a kid.)
  • This new one did such a better job of incorporating several characters, and giving them ALL a fair amount of time.
  • This new one ALSO did a better job of showing their gradual progression into Ghostbusters, the trial-and-error of their equipment, the creation of their logo, as opposed to suddenly appearing fully formed in the 1984 version ("like Athena from the head of Zeus," I'd say, if I wanted to sound all smart).
  • This new one felt fresher (maybe because I don't have it memorized).
  • Sexy Chris Hemsworth.
  • No fat jokes!
So it turns out, I like the new one better than the original.  And I had considered the original my favorite movie.  So...I guess this makes "Ghostbusters 2016" my new favorite movie.  Damn, who saw THAT coming.

Seriously though, if you can feel nostalgic without being BLINDED by nostalgia, you should give it a chance and see it.  It's great, you might like it.  Plus, sexy Chris Hemsworth.


Something I forgot to mention, which I probably should have remembered: The possibly gay one.  (Looking for images, I found out apparently a LOT of people were picking up on that.  So I'm not as clever as I thought I was, but I do feel like maybe it wasn't just wishful thinking on my part.)