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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Knock-Out Christmas

Aw!  Just like an exciting Christmas present, Rock Hard Wrestling sent me an e-mail with a download code for Ethan Andrews vs. Zack Johnathan.  Why, thank you so much!

I think there's something here for everybody.  If you like hard-fought, back-and-forth matches, this one has plenty of give-and-take.  If, like me, you're a bigger fan of jobbers, and post-match humiliation, this has plenty of that too, towards the end.

But MY absolute favorite part of this match comes right between the give-and-take and the humiliation.  The knock-out piledriver!  The unconscious victim being unceremoniously hoisted up and dragged into position by the victor!  This is the true heart and soul of the match for me.  (In order to show my favorite parts, but still not give too much away, I've used cheap computer trickery on the images to make them look cartoony.  Besides, it makes it feel like an animated Christmas special.)

Happy holidays, everybody!