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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Bull Fight Tonight! Brody Vs. Ram

Joel Thomas, "Brody"

Brad Rowe, "Ram"

Many of you will be familiar with Alex Miller's Cave, featuring more homoerotic wrestling fiction (complete with sexy images) than you could shake a stick at.  (I said STICK.)

Alex recently hosted an epic, five-part fan fiction.  An anonymous fan was fascinated by two of Alex' characters, Brody and Ram, and wrote a story featuring these two favorites.  (I'm a sucker for a big ol' bull, so they're two of my favorites, too.)

Now, these stories, like their characters, are big and meaty.  I understand it took the anonymous writer about a year to create this.  (So don't feel bad if, like me, you need several sittings to digest it all.)  Like Alex' own stories, this has character building, great character backgrounds and interactions, and really great, detailed action.  It was a labor of love, clearly it meant a lot to the author, and it shows.

If you enjoy reading wrestling fiction, and find the models pictured above to be scorching hot, you'll probably like this story.  Below are links to the five chapters.  And for those of you interested in reading this, you might want to bookmark this page, to easily find the chapters later on. :)

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Monday, December 4, 2017

Zach Altovito Vs. Ronnie Pearl (Good Lord)

Remember that time I got obsessed with Zach Altovito, and pretty much gushed about him, on the strength of one picture taken to promote an upcoming Wrestler4Hire match?  And speaking of Wrestler4Hire, did you ever really stop and think about how Cameron Matthews is like, THE kindest, THE sexiest, THE smartest man ever to run a wrestling website?  And I don't just say that because he very very generously gave me the match in question to talk about on Inner Jobber.  Not at ALL.

But could a match like that possibly deliver after all that build-up in my head?  Could Zach Altovito the wrestler POSSIBLY live up to Zach Altovito the fantasyman I had created?  Well, in both cases, the short answer is "Yes," and the long answer is "YEEEEEESSSSSS."

Okay, Zach Altovito vs. Ronnie Pearl.  Let's start with Pearl, who was a pretty big mystery to me.  I didn't know who Zach's opponent was going to be, and I had never seen Ronnie Pearl wrestle before.  Even sharing a ring with Zach Altovito, Ronnie Pearl is noticeably handsome.  He's a bit of a heel (okay, a LOT of a heel), and a guttural sufferer: His grunts and groans and whimpers and begging off and arching pelvis and smooth good looks make me think he must be the lovechild of "Iron" Mike Sharpe and Val Venis.  (And anybody who knows Inner Jobber at all will realize what a huge compliment that is.)

And Zach Altovito.  Let me tell you what about his masculine beauty attracted me: He's big and powerful, but with a kind face and gentle eyes.  And such is, pretty much, his wrestling persona in this match (the first of his I've seen, but not the last, not by a long shot if I have my way).  The nice, innocent lug naively accepts Ronnie Pearl's offer of a pre-match handshake.  Oh no.

Jobber 101: NEVER accept a pre-match handshake from a handsome wrestler with a well-groomed beard!  Ronnie takes advantage of his sneak attack and gets some work in, showing off both his own fine ass, as well as the powerful legs and hindquarters of my new favorite wrestler, Zach Altovito.

Considering Zach's size and strength, maybe Ronnie realizes how important it is to press his advantage, because press it he does, right into Zach's throat.

But here comes a wrestling twist.  Are you ready for it?  This is not a purely one-sided squash match!  It's back-and-forth and competitive.  Zach Altovito is no pushover, and is able to come back with moves of his own.  Including a bearhug or four, which basically you'll have been HOPING he would use, because he is BUILT to give bearhugs.

So here's my take on Sweet Zach Altovito.  While powerfully strong, he's gentle, good-natured, maybe a little naive (maybe enough to seem a bit dumb...?), BUT.  If a heel (like say, Ronnie Pearl) gets nasty and plays dirty, then Altovito can get rough too.  As he does in one of my favorite parts of the match, when he's pretty much just choking Ronnie Pearl with both hands.  As Ronnie gasps and splutters for utterance (or air), Zach taunts him: "Sounds like you can't breathe or something.  Having trouble?"

A beautiful wrestler whose fair-mindedness and naivete can sometimes lead to opponents taking advantage of him and making him a jobber, but who, when his sense of fairness is riled, can go on the offense, and attack when attacked...Is it any wonder Zach Altovito is my favorite wrestler now, on the strength of this one match?  (Besides, check out those legs in the photo below.)

Ahem.  In conclusion.  Zach Altovito vs. Ronnie Pearl.  Available soon from Wrestler4Hire.  It is good.  You will like it.

Wait a minute--Is he wearing Marc Merino's trunks from Max Quivers vs. Marc Merino (Knocked Out)?

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Max Quivers Vs. Marc Merino (Knocked Out)

So remember a little bit ago when I was on the horns of a dilemma, and couldn't decide which wrestling video to buy?  I ultimately went with Max Quivers vs. Marc Merino (Knocked Out), and I'm pretty happy with my purchase.

As indicated in its description at Wrestler4Hire, this match is a pretty straightforward squash job.  Now I understand where a one-sided squash can lose people: Sometimes you think, "Why doesn't he just fight back?  You know, try ANYTHING?"  If that gets too bad, you might even lose ME, although if the guy's hot enough, I can suspend my disbelief pretty freakin' far.  BUT!  THIS match works, because poor Marc is attacked from behind, sleepered, and chloroformed.  He doesn't get any offense in, because he never had a CHANCE, poor guy.  A believable squash.

And Marc Merino is looking pretty great here, by the way.  Like a beautiful wild-haired bodybuilding lunkhead.  Max Quivers is there to apply sleepers, and boston crabs, and occasionally chloroform.  This is definitely Marc Merino's video, and it's all about showcasing him.

And it does so beautifully.  The power difference is in full power here: Marc's in tiny trunks, and even barefoot, while Max is in a full suit, and even a wrestling mask.  One is fully exposed and vulnerable, while the other is safe and protected, down to his true identity.

And yet, Max Quivers appears to be so much less powerful than Marc Merino.  That's more of the jobber appeal: "Oh come ON, you couldn't do that if you hadn't CHEATED!  He'd be kicking your ASS in a FAIR fight!"

Fortunately, Cameron Matthews is pretty upfront in his video descriptions, so I can't see anyone who buys this match being disappointed in it.  If a video like this isn't your thing, you probably wouldn't buy it in the first place.  And if the description sounds up your alley, you'll probably enjoy it.  I certainly did.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Show Starts Here

Special thanks to an Inner Jobber who sent me images of young Bryen Douglas, an independent wrestler who has been branching out into tag team work of late.  See him in these images, sometimes as eager young blue chipper, sometimes as adorably doomed jobber.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Tanner Hill Vs. Evan Hanson

Sometimes in a wrestling match, you have a couple of guys who look like they're going to go all out, and then the match just ends up kind of fun and maybe a little fluffy.  You know, not too vicious.  In 88 Wrestling's Tanner Hill vs. Evan Hanson, the opposite is true: Both guys look pretty, and you would almost expect them to maybe laugh playfully as they test each other.  But nope.  From the moment Evan comes flying in and blindsides Tanner, you can tell this match is going to be pretty fierce.

Maybe they know they look young and beautiful, and therefore don't want anyone thinking they can't get nasty if they want to.  Because they go at it here like a couple of pros with a long-standing grudge.  Part of you wants to say, "Fellas!  Chill!" while another part of you wants to say, "Fellas!  Nice!"

It's a competitive match, too.  Now you know that here at Inner Jobber there's nothing to be said against one-sided squashes, but in the interest of variety, matches like this are needed too.  And you know how it is: They can't BOTH be in control at the same time.  It may be balanced, but not in an unbelievable, "you-hit-me-I'll-hit-you" kind of way.  Both guys can dish out pain, and both guys can sell pain too.  (Which is essential, or else what are any of us even doing here?)  Sure, by the end the winner makes sure the loser suffers, but it's clear to the winner that he's been in a fight.

So it's kind of win-win: Whichever guy you prefer to see in charge, if that's your thing; or whichever guy you prefer to see suffer, if that's your thing; or even if you prefer a contest to see which is stronger; in any of these cases, this match delivers.

(Thank you to 88 Wrestling for providing the match.)