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Friday, August 18, 2017

Hard-Ass 2

The last time I talked about Finn Balor, I mentioned his admirable abdominals.  And while ab-wise he unquestionably delivers, I would be remiss in failing to point out his well-packed trunks, which undoubtedly draw viewers in week after week.

Boyishly handsome but devastatingly sexy.  (With, incidentally, the prettiest blue eyes.)  Here are some fist-bitingly hot images to make you say "Day-umm," against Bray Wyatt.

And then things got all "Carrie."  Although TECHNICALLY all they'd say on TV was "a red viscous fluid" or something like that so who knows WHAT Bray dumped on Finn, right?

See, about the eyes?

Saturday, August 12, 2017


The title of this post is in reference to Jinder Mahal.  To justify this, I submit the above photograph as Exhibit A.  Jinder Mahal is one of those people where it's like, "HE'S hot, why haven't I featured HIM on Inner Jobber?"  So here he is, in a match...drawn at random...featuring...oh, looks like Randy Orton.  (This could have been yesterday's Randy Friday post, and even comes from the same match, but I thought yesterday's image really deserved center stage, no distractions, so that's the story of that you never asked for.)  Also, cute former TNA ref Rudy Charles is the ref!

A lot of images today.  Normally, when I steal--er, SOURCE images from a site like, I just pick the few best ones.  And I still picked the best ones, there just happened to be a LOT of best pictures.  That's how you know you're on to something hot.

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

And as a bonus...surprise Rusev interference.  Which showed up already on Randy Friday you'll remember, but here it is in context.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Randy Friday: Down And Out

A beautiful image that tells you everything you need to know.  Randy looking down and out and beautiful.  Rusev looking dominant and powerful.  (But careful of the beard there, Rusev!  It's getting a little unwieldy!)

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


I may not be the biggest Big Show fan in the world, but if he wants to keep punching out strong guys like Big Cass, that'd be fine with me.  Especially when they go all limp and sprawly.  Well played, Cass.  Well played.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Jobbers In The Rolling Stone

So there's a Rolling Stone article from about a year ago about the return of the wrestling jobber, and why that's a good thing.  From a straight point of view of course, which might be more clearly written than me and my words like "hot" and "squash."  It gives credit to some of my classic favorites, such as "Iron" Mike Sharpe and the Brooklyn Brawler.  (It also features one of my least favorites, James Ellsworth, but you can't have everything.)  The article ends with a quote from former WWE writer Bruce Prichard:

"Everyone can't be the star," admits Prichard. "Someone has to be on top and someone has to take the loss."

I love that quote.  It makes me feel reassured, in a "story of my life" kind of way.  Huh.  Maybe THAT'S why I'm so into jobbers.  That and the hotness and the squashes of course.

Jobber Brooklyn Brawler

Future jobber Braun Strowman and jobber Chase Silver

Monday, August 7, 2017

Off My Chest

A few days ago I mentioned how great Elias Samson's chest was.  Now I have to make room for one of my favorite chests in wrestling: that of WWE's Murphy (formerly Buddy Murphy, formerly Matt Silva).  (And happily, on a side note, his beard is well within the realm of reason.)

I'll let Murphy's powerful barrel chest speak for itself.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Coquina Clutch

I've been pretty harsh on poor Brock Lesnar before, but I've started liking him more than I used to.  There are several things in his favor, not the least of which is his being a big muscular guy having been trapped in Samoa Joe's Coquina Clutch...