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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Beefy Bear Squash: Arn Anderson As A Jobber?!

Or: A Mean Heel Gets His Comeuppance

Or: This Is What It Sounds Like When Heels Job

In the match linked above and playable at the bottom of this post (Arn Anderson vs the Giant), Arn Anderson is the smaller man for a change of pace.  Even so, he does not alter his tried and true technique of attempting to overpower his opponent, which makes him come off somewhat...well...stupid in this match.  Which for me just makes it that much hotter.  Oh that Arn...

A good match if you like to see a solid beefy hairy guy taken down a notch.


  1. Since I can remember, Arn has always been my ultra FAVORITE Heel, no question. The way he moved in the ring, the way he showed in his gear..Black Trunks and Black Boots...and of course, the way he SOLD his punishments to the crowd and his Jobber. In my fantacy Jobber world? How many times I wished to the wrestling GOD's I could be one of his many Jobbers to be worked by him? LOLOLOL THOUSANDS !! One word in my book fit's Mr. Arn....WOOF !