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Saturday, August 12, 2017


The title of this post is in reference to Jinder Mahal.  To justify this, I submit the above photograph as Exhibit A.  Jinder Mahal is one of those people where it's like, "HE'S hot, why haven't I featured HIM on Inner Jobber?"  So here he is, in a match...drawn at random...featuring...oh, looks like Randy Orton.  (This could have been yesterday's Randy Friday post, and even comes from the same match, but I thought yesterday's image really deserved center stage, no distractions, so that's the story of that you never asked for.)  Also, cute former TNA ref Rudy Charles is the ref!

A lot of images today.  Normally, when I steal--er, SOURCE images from a site like, I just pick the few best ones.  And I still picked the best ones, there just happened to be a LOT of best pictures.  That's how you know you're on to something hot.

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

And as a bonus...surprise Rusev interference.  Which showed up already on Randy Friday you'll remember, but here it is in context.

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