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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Jobbers In The Rolling Stone

So there's a Rolling Stone article from about a year ago about the return of the wrestling jobber, and why that's a good thing.  From a straight point of view of course, which might be more clearly written than me and my words like "hot" and "squash."  It gives credit to some of my classic favorites, such as "Iron" Mike Sharpe and the Brooklyn Brawler.  (It also features one of my least favorites, James Ellsworth, but you can't have everything.)  The article ends with a quote from former WWE writer Bruce Prichard:

"Everyone can't be the star," admits Prichard. "Someone has to be on top and someone has to take the loss."

I love that quote.  It makes me feel reassured, in a "story of my life" kind of way.  Huh.  Maybe THAT'S why I'm so into jobbers.  That and the hotness and the squashes of course.

Jobber Brooklyn Brawler

Future jobber Braun Strowman and jobber Chase Silver

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