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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Blog Alert: Masters Of Peril

Animation art of Bow (from "She-Ra") in peril.

If you find this kind of art sexy, you'll want to check out this new blog:

Judging from the first post by the Muscle Lover, I'm expecting great things from this blog. :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Two Fine Specimens

Dash Wilder and Finn Balor

Friday, May 4, 2018

...And The Rest!

The Gymini (aka The Shane Twins, Mike and Todd) and Paige.  The first because they're hot meaty brawlers that I wish had stuck around longer, and the second because she's striking.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Evan Bourne

What is it about Evan Bourne that makes him so...throttle-able?

Friday, April 27, 2018

Shifting Allegiances

3-way!  Chad Daniels vs. Jett Bentley vs. Chase Lundquist, from 88 Wrestling.

I don't always like multiple-man matches.  At their worst, there's so much going on that no single athlete gets their due attention.  Fortunately in this particular match, this is not the case.  A mere three wrestlers is few enough that even someone with a mayfly's attention span like mine can watch without getting distracted.

And the interplay is great.  Particularly, as mentioned in the title, the shifting allegiances.  Any two looking for an advantage over the third, but then the third suddenly teaming up with one of the others to double-team the OTHER.  The threat-assessment.  The politics.  The trust-building, and trust-breaking.  You know in a way it's a COMPLIMENT to be double-teamed, it means they've determined you're too much of a threat.  But then, they want you gone--I guess it's a backhanded compliment.

In this match, two definitely settle into a pattern of trying to eliminate a third.  And eventually, one is eliminated and two remain, although by this point already pretty worn down.  So when one finally DOES win this match, he's pretty much proved he's the best of the three.  Oh, and something I love about 88 Wrestling--there IS a definitive winner here, as usual with this company.  I just hate the false finishes so constantly found, even in classical professional wrestling--so unsatisfying.  But matches with an actual finish, and clear winners and losers, I find more satisfying, whoever I happen to want to win.

All three guys here are young, hungry, athletic and beautiful.  (But only one of them has the advantage of being Chase Lundquist.  Hi, Chase!)  Yet despite what you might assume from their frat boy vibe (and this is something else I love about 88 Wrestling), they all take this match deadly seriously.  It doesn't feel like they're horsing around or feeling self-conscious, it feels like they want to WIN.  Which makes the action so much more fun to watch.

Oh no, Chase...!


(This match was generously provided by 88 Wrestling.)

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Old Pro Vs. New Blood

88 Wrestling's Chase Lundquist vs. Ethan Andrews

So I've stated here before: Ethan Andrews is vicious, and Chase Lundquist is gorgeous.  Could there be a better set-up for a match?

Chase Lundquist vs. Ethan Andrews

It's like they had this beautiful new guy, Chase Lundquist.  He's a serious competitor, but he's not exactly on a winning streak.  So what do 88 Wrestling decide?  "Let's have him go against a super-vicious heel who not only has an impressive win-loss record, but enjoys the cruelty of the match as he racks up his wins!"  Good call, 88W.  (And I say that in all sincerity.)

But don't count out Chase already!  As I've seen from his match against Rex Bedford, Chase is no pushover.  And he's not going to let THIS match be entirely one-sided.

But Ethan Andrews...This isn't somebody who CARES what body-beautiful Chase wants.  And as an established bad-ass, Ethan has absolutely NO interest in helping Chase build up his WIN column.

So...the earnestness of a blue-chipper like Chase Lundquist.  The attitude of a strutting alpha like Ethan Andrews.  What more could you want in a match?

(This match was generously provided by 88 Wrestling.)