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Monday, November 20, 2017

Horns Of A Dilemma: Zach Altovito

Please meet my current newest obsession, Wrestler4Hire's Zach Altovito:

A picture I EASILY fell in love with, seeing it in Cameron Matthews' blog posts and e-mail updates for Wrestler4Hire.  So the dilemma I'm on the horns of (as mentioned in the title) is this: Do I purchase one of Zach Altovito's older matches, or do I wait for the new one to come online.  (I know, it's not much of a DILEMMA really.  But lower-budget wrestling fans have to make these decisions.)  As far as dilemmas go, it's a good one to be in, really.  And in the meantime, I'm making do just fine with staring at this picture and watching the trailers for his older matches at Wrestler4Hire.  And then staring at this picture some more.

On a side note, I'm happy he's at Wrestler4Hire, speaking price-wise.  (Although if he's appeared anywhere else, possibly under different names as wrestlers sometimes do, I'm sure you'd tell me, right?)

You might notice that I've also used this image as the Wrestler4Hire image in the links on the right side of the blog (depending on what device you're viewing with).  And here's the image as Cam first shared it:

Technically the above picture is the one that got me hooked right away.  And the fact that the picture on Instagram has the caption, "245 pound #bodybuilder Zach Altovito is ready to suffer" is just TOO exciting from an Inner Jobber point of view.  I think he's 5'10 but I can't find the stat again to reconfirm.  But here's another picture.

Those legs.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Looky Here

Today I want to draw your attention away from myself and towards others worth noticing.

One is the website Pectease.  Describing the site in their own words: "Half erotica, half fashion, and all sexiness, the one and only focus of Pectease is man cleavage."

The following image of superhot bodybuilder Firat Urun balancing a bottle of water on his chest is a sample of what you can find there.

The next is a project that we can help bring to fruition, a sexy card game, a tabletop Bodybuilder/wrestling game with Art by Icemanblue.

The art promises to be pretty hot, and while the game will retail for $26.99, by ordering it at you can pre-order it and pay only $20.

The site above also lists a description of the game, which is a game unto itself, so don't go thinking it's merely, you know, "Old Maid" with hot pictures or something.

Here is a sample of Icemanblue's art (not from the game itself, but to give a general idea):

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Mr. Mojo Risin'

No doubt I'm the first person on the internet ever to EVER say "Mojo Risin'" when talking about Mojo Rawley--I DON'T think.

Friday, October 13, 2017

WWE 2K18 Deluxe: Finding The DLC

Hang tight, usual crowd, this is a post for video game players who may have a specific question, and maybe they'll stumble on the answer here.

So you've pre-ordered WWE 2K18, the Deluxe Edition, which includes DLC such as two Kurt Angles, two John Cenas, an RVD and a Batista, not to mention an Accelerator to unlock all the in-game locked characters.  You now get to go into the game early, before its official release date of October 17.  So you go into the game, all excited, but then: No DLC characters!  And everybody's still locked!  What gives?

  • So to find all your stuff, you go into the online store (for Xbox anyway, and I assume it's the same on PlayStation), into WWE 2K18 Deluxe Edition, and you'll see a section that says, "In This Bundle."  
  • Underneath are a few of the downloadables showing up, but you'll want to click next to "In This Bundle" where it says "Show All."  This will show all (duh, right?) of the pre-order downloadable items, saying "You Own This."  
  • You want to click on each one and select "Download Now."  
  • Once they're all downloaded, you can go into your (now-complete) game and be excited again!

In all probability, no one else will be as big of a dumbass as me, but it took me a little while to get it straightened out, and was a little frustrating.  So JUST IN CASE there's anybody out there who might find this useful: I feel you.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


My newest find in "shoulda been a wrestler--jobber or heel?--just kidding, obviously jobber" is beautiful author Chris Campanioni (6'1, 180).  That's right, author.  Not that I found him through reading.  The above picture was used as a thumbnail in a YouTube video called something like, "Top 10 Richest Male Pornstars."  NOW, just to make this clear: That recommendation came up BEFORE I signed in, as a GENERAL suggestion.  And seeing the thumbnail I was like, "Okay, I'll go in but JUST to find out THAT guy's name."  'Cause damn, right?  And fortunately, before PLAYING the video, I noticed a comment asking, "But who's that in the thumbnail?"  And I thought, "Aw man, clickbait."  BUT someone knew the answer, and so I looked him up by name.  And at first, Google responded with "Author Chris Campanioni" and because I'm shallow and make automatic judgments, I thought, "There must be two, I think mine's a fitness model."  IN MY DEFENSE I believe that image IS from DNA.  So tell me he's NOT a fitness model.  And why shouldn't he be able to be both?  I think he's a teacher too.  Because why not.

SO...what would he be like in the ring?  Maybe his opponents won't like his authorness.  (Authorhood?  Authordom?  I know it's not authority...)  They'll be all, "He thinks he's SO much smarter than us," or, "I don't understand what his book means!"  Or maybe his in-ring character won't be smart at all.  I do love a big beautiful dummy, if he has a good heart.  Or even if he doesn't have a good heart, who am I kidding.

Oh, by the way, his book, "Death of Art," really does sound good.  Really!  NOT just because the author's so damned hot.  Honestly, I would NOT buy a book just because of the hotness of the author.  (I'd ask my brother to get it for me for Christmas.)

Monday, October 9, 2017

Tatanka Jobs

Today's post celebrates Native American wrestler Tatanka.  The images come from a "Jobber of the Week" YouTube video by jobbersandjobbing, which is well worth watching here:

Tatanka was beefy and powerful.  Plus, that loincloth.  It's funny, the trunks underneath weren't particularly smaller than most wrestlers', but when his loincloth would flap aside and reveal his trunks, it suddenly felt like a big deal.  He added mystery to his gear I guess.

Tatanka had a lot of victories in his career, of course.  But that's not how we choose to celebrate people at Inner Jobber.  If they put in their time jobbing, we say, "Thank you."  And, "Hot."  And, "Thank you."

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Crazy 88

Thank you to 88 Wrestling, for sending me a complimentary download of their match: Tito Santos (Mellow Yellow trunks) vs. Evan Hanson (Baby Blue trunks).

This match is the ground floor of a King of the Ring tournament, so that's fun.  (And, fans of Rock Hard Wrestling will feel right at home.)  And both Tito and Evan are lean, ripped and totally cute.

In fact, the cuteness of both these guys kind of lulled me into a false sense of security.  I think I wasn't prepared for how vicious they were gonna go.  Maybe they wanted to prove their toughness to patronizing viewers like me who thought they were "cute."

Toughness proved!  If you're a fan of gut punches, you'll probably like this match.  I think both guys are literally trying to punch THROUGH each other's abs.  And there's a full nelson that's ALSO of note.

Something else that made this match stand out is a brief post-match interview/promo with the victor.  I LOVE post-match promos, and hope this will be a regular feature of 88 Wrestling.  Even when the winner is a babyfaced babyface, the adrenaline and exhilaration immediately following a victory has him brimming with confidence, and maybe coming off a LITTLE arrogant.  Which is all good stuff!

Tito Santos vs. Evan Hanson

So!  88 Wrestling seems off to a good start.  And with cute--no, TOUGH wrestlers like this, PLUS their Chase Lundquists and their Dash Deckers and the like, it's an organization to keep an eye on.