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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Hot Satan

Yes, I saw a commercial with a buff guy playing Satan and I'm posting about it because I'm THAT...what's the word I want here.  Bored?  Thirsty?

(And I STILL don't really understand new Blogger.  Like, do I hit Return ONCE or TWICE?  How come sometimes it makes such a huge space, but not consistently so?)

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Cena + Orton

No commentary, no witty banter, no links, just a couple pictures I like.  Click to enlarge.  (To enlarge the PICTURES.  C'mon, you guys.)

Happy holidays everybody.  You're the best--all of you.

Monday, December 21, 2020

Hunks Wrestling

Hunks Wrestling very generously sent me a sample of their wares, and I'm proud to say they're a fine new option for those looking for wrestling videos.

The only "complaint" I have is really very specific to me: In all three matches I was given, the wrestler I wanted to see as a jobber ended up doing pretty well for himself.  And having said that, I realize that now I can't let on who I DO like better, because it would give away how the match goes.  D'oh!

1.  Ivan Guerrero vs. Steve Mason

This one starts in an interesting fashion, with the wrestlers jogging along individually to funky music, with opening credits like a movie.  They meet up on the beach, they posture, they agree to wrestle...That's all the plot I need!  But even still, there's a twist...

This one is pretty hot, figuratively and literally.  Both guys really work for it--and in this case, they're really both so manly and "grraah" that no matter who wins, you can't lose.

Gabe Steel's floppy blond hair, you guys!  It caught my attention right away, and I couldn't believe my luck that this was one of the matches Hunks Wrestling sent me as a sample.  You guys.  I REALLY wanted to see Gabe Steel get thrown around by that hair handle.  I have to break my "no spoiler" rule here to say, No hair handle throwing.  The hot guy dominated.  But I understand some people are into that. :)  Heck, I am too sometimes.  AND, Steve Mason is no slouch himself!

Friday, October 9, 2020

It's Kind Of A Compliment

 It's kind of a compliment, in a way, that YouTube keeps taking down my thumbnails for "violating their content."  The regular ol' professional wrestling matches are fine, and the thumbnail images are ALL taken directly from the match.  So I guess they're flattering me on my ability to take the underlying homoeroticism of professional wrestling and bring it to the surface.

The latest offender: Jim Powers vs. Skinner:

And here is a gallery of the other images deemed Too Hot For YouTube:

Again, don't think I'm complaining.  If I wanted, I could play it safe and just choose a randomly pre-selected thumbnail for each video.  But I'd lose not only that distinctive Sean Pford Wrestling title bar, but also...the hotness.

For those curious, here's the new one for Jim Powers 24:

It's still hot, but whatever.  It's also more blatantly wrestling so it might be safe.  Seems to be, YouTube doesn't like the close-up money shots.  We'll see!

Monday, October 5, 2020

2 Hot Minutes: Krush KO'd ($6 Bundles!)

First of all, I'd like to thank World of Musclemen for pointing this out in his blog:

No Rules Wrestling (NRW) is offering $6 bundles of matches! 

In NRW's own words:

I know from a business point of view, $6.00 is not a lot of money.  It's rare for a wrestling company to offer matches at such a low price.  But look at it this way, wrestling companies: Currently, you've all gotten $0.00 from me, and NRW has gotten $6.00.  And 6>0.  (It's not that I'm CHEAP you guys.  Things are tight.  You know?)

I selected a Krush compilation, Krush Knocked Out Cold, and BOY is it worth the money!  Below are images from the 6 matches included, and then a 2 minute video featuring brief clips the images come from.

There are more bundles I'm interested in, and I'm HOPING NRW will release a Brian Baxter bundle.  (You'd get six MORE dollars, NRW!)

Krush vs. Carlo

Krush vs. Flash

Krush vs. GQ

Krush vs. The Animal

Krush vs. Jinn

Krush vs. The Saint

Friday, October 2, 2020

YouPrude Strikes Again!

 Two more thumbnails have been removed.  Naughty Sean Pford!  Here are the offenders:

And here are the replacements I've selected:

Are they less pornographic?  Would any stills from the matches be non-pornographic?  And now that they've been drawn to your attention, why not watch these naughty videos that have gotten YouPrude's knickers all in a twist?

And P.S.:  How crappy is this new blogger writing format?  Jeesh.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

John Cena vs. Ted DiBiase

John Cena vs. Ted DiBiase

Cena mauls poor Ted...  Refuses to let go of the submission, even as Ted is tapping out...  And worst of all, young Ted isn't even the guy Cena has a beef with!  He's just being used to send a message, make a point...  Poor guy.

Saturday, September 19, 2020