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Thursday, October 27, 2022

Keep Your Info Safe!

Just a friendly reminder: If you click a link from this blog, and the link asks for your credit card or driver's license information to access a blog, don't give that out. No blog linked from my site would need any of that. (Just a mere Google sign-in, but no more than that.) Stay safe!

Friday, August 12, 2022

The Mistress Of Wrestlemania 2

Who DOESN'T love it when wrestling's not afraid to have cheesy celebrity crossovers? Well, I mean the INTERNET doesn't love it. But I, personally, was only happy when I found out Elvira had commentated the LA portions of Wrestlemania 2 with Jesse Ventura and Lord Alfred Hayes.

Hey, 2K! Here's your next wrestling game celebrity DLC right here!

Elvira joins Jesse Ventura & Lord Alfred Hayes on commentary at Wrestlemania 2

Elvira's comics series from the 90s is being reprinted here

Thursday, July 28, 2022

THIS MATCH! A-Kid vs Will Ospreay - Total Rumble 9 - 30/03/2019

A-Kid vs. Will Ospreay is currently one of my favorite matches. It's kind of a squash match and a competitive match all at the same time.  Which sounds like it doesn't make sense.  But one of them seems to be outclassed, out of his depth, and yet never stops fighting back the entire time.

Even the arena feels like a character in this match. It feels like nothing I would EVER see televised and that saddens me.

At 27:44, Will has A-Kid set up, and makes sure A-Kid stays in place... that at 27:54, he can continue delivering kicks to the kid's unprotected face.

At 29:09, Will prepares a devastating elbow attack...

...but at 29:14, A-Kid collapses before Will can connect.

And at 29:16, Will starts to get pissed...

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Will Success Spoil Sean Pford?

Why, yes!  Yes, I am THE Sean Pford, as interviewed in an article in Input Magazine by Chris Stokel-Walker.  No, I don't mind being recognized!  No, it wasn't my first time being interviewed!  In junior high, a reporter for the school paper once asked me what my most embarrassing moment was.  I answered, "Nothing," and did not appear in the completed article.  But this time, yes, I'm there, along with some other pretty big names in online wrestling jobber circles.  One of my sentences even got printed in big letters between paragraphs, marking me as, in all modesty, pretty legit.

All in all, a pretty thoughtful piece about wrestling, jobbers, fetishization, and, er, "middle-aged gay guys."  Read it here!

Sean Pford: Kind Of A Big Deal

Friday, March 18, 2022

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Pretty Deadly Dancing

Before they were Pretty Deadly, "Playboy" Lewis Howley and Sammy Smooth (eventually to be known as Sam Stoker) made an entrance at 4TB Wrestling that I just love, showing off their dirty dancing.  They looked like they were having fun, the crowd was into it, pro wrestling at its best.  Source videos listed after the images!

The videos:

Thanks, Rey!  'Cause day-um!

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Best Gear: Ron Reeves


Best Wrestling Gear goes to handsome Ron Reeves.  It's sexy AND funny at the same time.  It's a visual pun: Yes, it's a Ninja Turtle, and his nose even bulges out appropriately.  Well done, Mr. Reeves, well done.

The images are from Ron Reeves & Milad Akbar vs. Cousin Eddie & Backwoods Brown.

Thursday, January 20, 2022

The WWE 2K22 Leak Part 2 (And Pretty Deadly)

Or, maybe ALL the information in the 2K22 leak was accurate.  But that means the nWo edition was accurate too, and like I said, I'm never opposed to more Hall and Nash (particularly Hall) in my life.

Something else about the game: The return of GM Mode offers the chance to take control of Raw, SmackDown, NXT or NXT UK.  They included NXT UK!  Does that mean there will be a lot more NXT UK stars included in the game?  Will they include 287-day-reigning NXT UK Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly, Lewis Howley (blond) and Sam Stoker (brunet)?  One can hope!

I love these guys.  I think Pretty Boy Wrestlers should be encouraged.  I like Lewis, because Legolas.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

The Mighty Hammerstone

"Our hero, our hero claims a warrior's heart..." 

Alexander Hammerstone is professional wrestling's big mighty Viking.  Right out of Skyrim (more video games!).  And how wonderful that he's right in the middle of a story in MLW Azteca, which sees the revival of Lucha Underground!

Alexander Hammerstone and Pagano vs. King Muertes and Taurus
Hammerstone is carried away by villains (and that guy in the audience just couldn't resist patting that ass)

Alexander Hammerstone vs. Brian Cage

Alexander Hammerstone vs. Chris Dickinson

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

AJZ, The Golden Boy

My newest wrestling crush: AJZ (Andreas Ziegler).  Just found his stuff recently on YouTube.  I don't think I need to go into why I like him.  He's pretty gorgeous and I'm pretty shallow.  (He kind of reminds me of a young "Prototype"-era Cena.)  He wins sometimes, which is awesome.  He gets his ass kicked sometimes, which is REALLY awesome.  Trunks?  Tiny.  Muscles?  Huge.  Ass?  Perfect.  Hair?  Handle.  Oops, I guess I DID go into why I like him.

vs. Alex Hammerstone (who's also great)

vs. Graves

vs. Graves

vs. Omar Amir