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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Still Unbroken

You all know Bruno, and Beefcakes of Wrestling.  But did you know how generous he is?  And that he sent me pictures of Michael Elgin's match against Filipino-American wrestler TJ Perkins from Ring of Honor's Final Battle 2011 in New York City on December 23?  That's Ring of Honor's biggest pay per view of the year.  They've been hyping it for months.  But this undercard match featuring "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin is the match I would have cared about the most, had they been hyping it, which they haven't.  It was a pretty big deal for both of them, really.  TJ Perkins got to wrestle at a major pay per view, and Michael Elgin got to WIN at a major pay per view.  I like both of them, but I got to say, Elgin's my man.  So thanks again, Bruno!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Randy Friday: Pandered To

Randy Orton is the poster child for the game "WWE '12."  He's on the cover of the game, and on the game disc.  He's on the menu screens within the game.  There's no getting away from him.  I've never really felt pandered to like this before.  Usually I have to just ignore the Rocks and the Stone Colds and the whoevers, and find my favorites in the tucked away weird places, just being underappreciated by everybody.  But this!  This is kind of fun, Randy being everywhere whenever you play the game.  It's spoiling me for future games, though.  If the Rock or the Undertaker or whoever is on the next game, that'll be a harsh transition.  But, in the meantime!  (The screenshots below are in French, and on a Playstation.  My game is in English, and on X-Box.  Just FYI.)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Crazy Kitty

I love CM Punk.  He's enthusiastic and unpredictable and scruffy and funny.  He can be an asshole and still maintain this childlike innocence.  He really does remind me of a crazy kitty.  You know, when they get in that mood, and they tear around, and they'll stop and STARE at you for a moment, and then tear away again.  Or they'll be laying there, and then all of a sudden start STARING at something, and you look to see if there's a bug or something, but you can't see anything.  But you KNOW they're staring at SOMETHING, and you can't see it.  I'll take it a step further (in case I haven't disoriented people enough), and say that if Punk was an anime character, he'd have that one tooth poking up from his lower lip on one side.  IMPISH!  That's the word I want.  He has that impish grin.  Oh!  And speaking of crazy kitties staring at things you can't see, Punk was also a guest star on "Ghost Hunters," bopping around through a possibly haunted house, looking through the heat pattern device thingy and saying, "It lets me see the world like I'm the Predator!"

In Ring of Honor, Punk was blond and evil.

He's currently the WWE's champion.  Earlier this week, however, one of the guards wouldn't let him into Madison Square Garden.  He didn't believe Punk was really a wrestler.  Finally another guard came over and told the first one it was okay.  Punk was able to joke about that on Twitter, so you know his ego isn't too big.

What a champion looks like.

And he says what he wants!  I don't think it says much for the company, but Punk, like Zack Ryder and Tyler Reks, was at that not-caring-anymore point, that point of, "What's the worst they could do, fire me?"  So he spoke without fear. 

Rumor has it Punk is largely behind Zack Ryder's push.

If beefy Tyler Reks is going out, at least it'll be on his terms.

Punk criticized the company for under-utilizing people.  He criticized the company for firing Chris Masters, after he'd been working his ass off and improving.

Chris Masters: Gone, but not forgotten--Punk wouldn't let it be.

All that, right on TV.  In interviews, he's just as open, criticizing things such as Alberto Del Rio's title reign being cut short.  (Apparently it was useful for a Mexican to be champion while they toured Mexico, but once back in the States...)  Namely, he says what a lot of people think, but hearing it come from inside is so satisfying.

Alberto Del Rio: Suave AND technical.

He also started referencing those ice cream bars.  Now, you may not believe me, but my brother and I have used those for a humorous touchstone for some time now.  I was being stupid, making commentator JR talk in a grumpy southern accent, "Now ah want a WWF ice cream bar."  And Punk brought them up!  He wanted them brought back, and he got a huge response.  Crazy Kitty speaks to my heart.


I also like the Straight Edge thing--drug-free, alcohol-free.  It either makes me feel less lame, or like maybe it's okay to be lame.  I'm kind of glad they're not using it as a heel gimmick--but it was pretty funny when they were.  And Punk was all Jesusy.  There was a time reported at a live event, when this older woman from the crowd started attacking him, saying, "You're not Jesus!"  And as security took her away, Punk opened his arms and said, "I forgive you."  Damn, I love him.

Punk with the Straight Edge Society, Serena and Luke Gallows.

Oh, and he has a Pepsi tattoo--my drink of choice.  Pepsi Throwback now, for me.  So good--I'm not even going to PRETEND like it's a resolution to drink less of it.  Anyway...  In a tag match at the 2011 Draft, an enthusiastic Punk kissed Del Rio on the cheek after their victory...and the kiss was returned.


It was definitely a cute moment, as cute as the fan art it inspired by artist Rin Xerxis.  And I'll leave it there, because I can't top that.  She understands about Crazy Kitties, I guess.  Aww.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mad World

This Friday is it, day after tomorrow, the Overeem/Lesnar match in UFC.  Alistair Overeem is ready for it, his first UFC fight.  X-Box Live is even offering the fight for free, if you stream it through your X-Box. 

I might not do that though.  I'm pretty nervous about it.  Think I'll just read about it afterwards.  I mean, I'd hate to miss it if Alistair Overeem won, but don't think I could stand watching if Brock did.  He's just always come across as a jerk to me; maybe it's just a manufactured stage persona from his pro wrestling days, but there it is. 

Furthermore, I idiotically read about things online, including people's comments.  Most people want Brock to win; some even want him to "kick that n*****'s ass."  Yeah, going online makes me hate the world.  I have GOT to be more careful about that. 

Besides, that night on Smackdown, Ted DiBiase will lose a match, which is SURE to be hot, Ezekiel Jackson fights Drew McIntyre, and they're both hot, and Wade Barrett and Randy Orton have a falls-count-anywhere match, which also sounds pretty hot, although sadly ending in Randy's back being injured.  Many fans who dislike Orton have expressed their delight.  SERIOUSLY!  I have GOT to stop reading what people say on the internet!  On a side note though: Barrett, you animal!

Alistair Overeem: Onward to victory.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Chad Crouse And Company

Fitness model/bodybuilder/personal trainer Chad Crouse, 6'1", 220.

And according to his Model Mayhem profile, he has a twin brother named Chris who is also getting into bodybuilding and modelling.  Intriguing...

Chad Crouse

Chris Crouse

Chris Crouse

Chris Crouse

...and, there's a message on the Model Mayhem site to Chad, from model/wrestler Rob Terry!  Weird.

Rob Terry

Big Rob

Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day

Happy Boxing Day!  Which is...because you put things away in boxes the day after Christmas?  Are there any readers in the UK or Canada who could please enlighten me?  Well, whatever the specifics of Boxing Day, I hope you all have a good one.  And to celebrate, here are some images of super-cute boxer, Paul Malignaggi.  I mean TOUGH.  Super-TOUGH boxer.  Sorry, Paulie.

Paul also starred in a commercial for Nintendo's Punch-Out!!, and they used him as the model for the protagonist, Little Mac, in the newest Wii edition.

Also in Punch-Out!! is Super Macho Man.  Although blond in the Wii version, he is from California, is 6'4, has a logo with flexing arms on his trunks, bounces his pecs, and has a FANTASTIC ass.  Chris Masters, anyone?