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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leapin' Lutz

When you're a fan of somebody, you watch their movies.  That's what you do.  I already mentioned that I watched "A Warrior's Heart," and admitted that while not the BEST movie ever, I thoroughly enjoyed Kellan Lutz in it.  I recently watched another Kellan movie, "Love Wedding Marriage," also starring Mandy Moore.

Again, I loved Kellan in it.  He was big and hot and lovable.  Christopher Lloyd was even in it a little bit.  Like Tim Curry, Christopher Lloyd is in, like, everything.  Now Mandy Moore, I had never seen in anything before.  All I knew was that she used to be a singer.  So I was able to watch this movie with no pre-conceived notions or judgments of her.  And I'm sorry to say I can pass one of the harshest verdicts ever: CUTESY.  Not "cute," CUTESY.  Ugh.  Who is cutesy supposed to work on?  Surely other girls hate when girls are cutesy?  Is it for straight guys?  All I know is, Kate Beckinsale was able to play Alice in fucking Wonderland without being cutesy.  So there is no excuse, and no forgiveness.

Kate Beckinsale's wide acting range does NOT include cutesy.

So if, like me, you're into Kellan Lutz, watch "Love Wedding Marriage" for his charisma and his shirtless scenes, but let the cutesiness just kind of wash over you without really touching you.  Please enjoy some Kellan photos (that actually DON'T come from "Love Wedding Marriage").

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dollar Short

While doing research for yesterday's Rene Dupree post, I came across these pictures of Rene Dupree vs. the Smackdown Warrior (an earlier incarnation of Mason Ryan).  At first I was elated at the find, but it started to feel familiar.  Sure enough, Bruno at Beefcakes of Wrestling beat me to the punch, covering this match last October.  (I even commented on his post, making it a little embarrassing I didn't recognize the match faster.)  But you can never get too much of a good thing, right?  (Oh, the results of the match, as quoted from the site the pictures came from: "Rene Dupree defeated The Smackdown Warrior by DQ - referee Lee Bamber took a bump and Dupree hit Smackdown with a flagpole. Smackdown then stole the flagpole from Rene and retaliated, only to be caught by the recovering ref and disqualified. A good decision by the ref. and Victory to Rene!!"  Good decision?  Well, regardless, it looks like it was a really hot match.)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Battle Of The Bulge

An anonymous commentor recently requested I do a blog on Rene Dupree.  Perfect!  I love Dupree.  I love the shape of his body.  I love how his chest AND his ass bulge out, and I love when he dances in-ring to accentuate both.  Frankly, he bulges everywhere in all the right ways.

This comes from Bruno's Beefcakes of Wrestling

With Matt Striker!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Godd Damn!

I think everyone here knows Bruno's blog, Beefcakes of Wrestling.  So you know Jessie Godderz.  I heard of him FROM Bruno's blog.  In fact, the images in this post are all stolen borrowed directly from Beefcakes of Wrestling, so thanks, Bruno!  Jessie's currently in OVW, but I heard TNA plans to bring him up to their roster (and on TV) in 2012.  Can't wait!  And look at these pictures.  You don't often get guys showing off their bulges this much outside of explicitly homoerotic wrestling companies.  Gaaww-aawwd DAMN!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Phil Phriday: No Talking

Sh.  No talking.  Just Phil.