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Friday, March 29, 2013

Randy Friday: Randy And The Masterpiece

Chris Masters vs. Randy Orton: When beautiful Randy Orton goes up against Chris Masters, dubbed the Best Ass in Professional Wrestling (by me, just now), it's win-win.  They're both so hot, and SOMEBODY has to lose!

On a side note, I've noticed I use the word "hot" an awful lot on this blog.  So I challenged myself to start writing these blogs without using the word "hot."  But then I turned right around and challenged myself to fuck off.  Some days I'm just not in the mood to take any crap from me.

Anyway!  The Viper vs. the Best Ass in Professional Wrestling, aka the Heroic Tree Ripper-Outer Mother Saver.

To watch the match, click here.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hero Mode

Here's the story in a nutshell: Guy enters Chris Masters' mom's apartment, barricades himself inside with her.  Police are called, guy sets building on fire.  Chris Masters uproots ten-foot tree, uses it to smash window to get his mom out.  More interesting to read/watch the full article.

God, I love that story.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Frosting On That Frosting

In yesterday's post I reflected on the pure frosting of watching wrestling to enjoy the jobber, only to find the hotness of the heel an added bonus.  Well, a little bonus on that bonus (frosting on that frosting) is finding images online of this hot heel suffering, becoming the jobber himself.  That's right, Inner Jobbers, we're not done with J-Rock yet...

J-Rock suffers at the feet of Paul Hudson and Cameron Matthews.

J-Rock and Kid Brock

J-Rock and Jaxx O'Doul

J-Rock and Kid Brock

J-Rock and Jaxx O'Doul

J-Rock and Jaxx O'Doul

J-Rock and Jaxx O'Doul

Okay, and some frosting on that frosting on that frosting: Some more of J-Rock doing what he does best.

J-Rock handles Paul Hudson and Cameron Matthews.

J-Rock puts the squeeze on Kid Brock.

J-Rock intimidates Justin Pierce.

J-Rock bearhugs Cameron Matthews.

J-Rock bearhugs Tony Cosenti.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Since you've come to Inner Jobber, it should come as no surprise that for me, the jobber is the main attraction in a wrestling match.  One-sided matches are A-OK in my book.  (Sure, I like to mix it up with some give-and-take sometimes.)  And for me, if the jobber is hot, that's enough to make a good match.  I don't have to be attracted to the heel at ALL for a match to work for me.

However, when I AM attracted to the guy dishing out the pain as well as the guy taking it, that's like frosting--pure extra enjoyment added on top.

Today I present Mr. Frosting himself, BG East wrestler J-Rock.  With a big meaty build and, what really works for me, a wonderful contrast of a jungle-man gimmick with a Boston accent.  (I fucking LOVE that accent.  I've heard of a family where one brother had it and the other didn't, because he wanted to be taken more seriously by the world at large.  I say, fuck the world at large.  If it was me, my accent would be so thick you could chuck it through windows.)

I discovered J-Rock in a match he had against Mike Columbo on Gut Bash 3.  A suffering Columbo was the main attraction for me, but then J-Rock himself would not be ignored...

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Nice Things

You know I love to read nice things about hot people.  (You do now, anyway.)  There was a very nice (gay friendly) "Advocate" interview with Zac Efron a while back, and it made me happy.  He seems like such a nice, open, supportive little jobber.  And by the way, "The Paperboy" was a really good movie.  As hot and sweaty and skanky as I thought it would be.  There really was more to it than the hot scene of hot Zac Efron dancing in the rain with hot Nicole Kidman.  (That WAS pretty hot though, wasn't it?)