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Friday, June 28, 2013

Every Good Boy Deserves Flogged

Happy Randy Friday!  Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan in a street fight.  Watch it here:

Spoiler alert!  Randy taps, and Stay Puft... Well, never mind what it does to me.

Enjoy these images from the match.  A side note about the site I took the images from: You can rate the pictures, up to five stars if you really like it.  And some sugarcrumb keeps giving all the best shots of Randy getting beaten up just one or two stars!  So I have to give the "suffering Randy" pictures five stars to try and preserve the balance of the universe.  (Bet you didn't know I had such an important job as maintaining the balance of the universe, huh?)

Two big serious guys duking it out, fucking RANDY fucking TAPPING, and then a gentlemanly handshake to end it all.  Clearly they're trying to win me back after that "firing Striker" fiasco.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Body's Craving, So Feed The Hungry

Here are some magazine shots of Frank DeFeo (aka Frank the Tank at Thunder's Arena).  They come from Men's Workout magazine, which is about as gay as you can get without using the word "gay" or coming in a plastic bag.  So you know, perfect for kind of timid people.  (And yes I scanned them, so just kind of ignore the images bleeding through from the other side of the pages.)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Striker Party

In the comments of our last Matt Striker post, MIKE pointed out the fact that today is Matt Striker's birthday.  So happy birthday, Matt!  If I can quote from MIKE's comment directly:

Let's all raise a glass to Matt on Wednesday and wish him well in his future endeavors; may whatever they be involve minimal attire.  I'd be OK with seeing him in a pair of tight, crotch-hugging, spandex wrestling trunks.  :D

Agreed, MIKE!  And to further document Striker's sense of humor, one has only to refer to a recent comment he made on Twitter regarding the WWE action figures:

@WWE figs r so real even the Mr McMahon figure told me You're fired! :(

*Sigh.*  Alright, more Striker.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Following Matt Striker

The story in a nutshell: WWE does not renew Matt Striker's contract.  Idiot fans online celebrate, feeling he was a "know-it-all" announcer.  Stay Puft believes the people who didn't like Striker are the people who don't know most of the words Striker uses.  (Stay Puft doesn't blame the poor little sugarcrumbs, because Striker DOES speak at a seventh grade reading level.)

Next day Striker is appearing at an FWE (Family Wrestling Entertainment) event, Welcome to the Rumble 2, full of all sorts of people that Stay Puft is a fan of, and that the WWE doesn't choose to utilize.

Along with Striker, others who appeared include:

Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett

Tony Nese

Chris Masters (but I have to get used to saying Mordetzky now)

John Morrison

Brian Kendrick

Petey Williams

Paul London

Bonus Paul London/Brian Kendrick image not from this event:

And thanks to 1495 Sports, where I stole the pictures, and where I found out how many of my favorite wrestlers do indeed exist outside of the WWE.