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Friday, August 23, 2013


Jackson Andrews, 7'1" (!), 320 lbs.  "Hi, I'm the big wrestling federations, and I don't know how to use perfectly impressive people."  OK, sorry, done with that.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Professional And Skanky

Wes Brisco, 5'10", 255 lbs.  I like his bulgy light blue tights, but I also like when he's all loose-haired and kind of skanky.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


"Lonesome" Jay Bradley, 6'4", 251 lbs.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Inspiration

Resistance Pro Wrestling (you know, the Smashing Pumpkins one) gives us "the Inspiration" Brady Pierce, described by GQ Magazine as "a tough, country-twanging Adonis."  (Yes, GQ did cover wrestling, but kind of like they'd cover a freak show.  And only because of the Smashing Pumpkins thing.)

Monday, August 19, 2013

C-BAC: Serge Henir

Coulda Been A Contender: Serge Henir

Coulda Been A Contender Week ended with the fresh faced Charlie Carver.  In that post, Anonymous commented, "May I suggest Serge Henir, the little boy face with the grown-up 'man' body makes him a definite C-BAC."

Thank you, Anonymous!  I hadn't heard of Serge Henir before, but I sure am glad to find out about him now!  I would also like to thank the blog Stunning Men Who Grace This Earth.  This was my one-stop shop for all of the Serge images you see here.  There's also an interview with Serge, and plenty more images.  (I specifically didn't use some of the best images, to try to entice you to visit that site.)  So thank you for that post, Stunning Men Who Grace This Earth.  And of course, thank you Serge Henir, for being an exhibitionist (and for having that ass).

So!  Without anymore further to do, here is 6'0", 198 lbs. Serge "Coulda Been A Contender" Henir!  Wrestle, boy, wrestle.

And now, let's have a closer look at those tattoos:

Sunday, August 18, 2013

TV Boyfriend

Colton Haynes

Hey, remember my old boyfriend Colton Haynes?  And how he left Teen Wolf for Arrow, so I started watching Arrow?  Well, brutal honesty time.  I super duper wish he had stayed on Teen Wolf.  I really wanted to like Arrow, and it IS pretty good sometimes.  But ultimately I just like Teen Wolf better.  And I'll say why.

Sure, both shows are pretty violent.  But on Teen Wolf, the protagonists try to prevent the violence, and every time somebody dies, it's treated like a big deal.  (There was even an episode where the school was holding a memorial concert for all those who had died.  And then somebody DIED at it!  BURN!)

Arrow's pretty violent too, but as in, the main character resorts to lethal violence a lot.  A whole, WHOLE lot.  As in, why bonk someone on the head to stop them, when you can stab them to death?  In a recent interview with TV Guide, an executive producer was saying that Arrow was a great-big-fat-serial-killer-murderer-type superhero (my words) because they "wanted Arrow to be grown-up and darker, more adult than people were used to."

So you see, me enjoying non-lethal violence and resolutions other than murdering all the unimportant henchmen that nobody's supposed to care about (even though those characters probably can't get out of that life if they wanted to because it's easier to get in than to get out--my poor, precious jobbers), me wanting a superhero who's NOT a mass murderer, is really just me being immature and childish.  Because serial killer Arrow = grown up and more adult.  So yeah.

Still happy for Colton because I'm sure there's more money in Arrow, and it has grown-ups in it.  But Colton or no Colton, not sure if I'll watch Arrow again.

(ESPECIALLY since this really annoying lawyer girl on that show that's super boring and they're cramming a relationship with her and Arrow down our throats, since there's rumors that HER boring ass and her weird spider legs-looking eyelashes are going to turn into a superhero...thank you, no.)

Besides, there were like three or four times watching season one where the violence of the good guys was making me consider stopping watching.  I saw it all the way through, but contemplating stopping watching, and that often, isn't such a good sign, you know?

I'm not delusional though--I DO understand that nobody cares if I watch it or not.  (Making all this talking pretty pointless, really...Oops.)

But I will miss Emily Bett Rickards if I stop watching, because I love her and her character.

Emily Bett Rickards

Whew!  Thanks.  Good to get that off my chest.  (And there's still so much unanswered about Colton's Teen Wolf character, Jackson.  And I'm not wishing anything bad to happen to anybody, because you know, karma, but IF Arrow WERE to be cancelled, at least they didn't kill off Jackson on Teen Wolf, so Colton could go back there.  And it's not REALLY mean, because no WAY would all that happen anyway.)

But if I stop watching Arrow, I'll MISS them...!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

If You Didn't Love Him Before...'ll love CM Punk after watching these.

CM Punk's Grammar Slam

Rage against the mean and ignorant!  I love you, Punk.

Friday, August 16, 2013

C-BAC: Charlie Carver

Coulda Been A Contender: Charlie Carver

C-BAC Friday's coulda-been contender is Charlie Carver, but it could easily have been a two-for-one, also featuring Charlie's twin brother, Max.  However, I didn't want to automatically lump them together, just because they're twins.  I'm pretty sure twins want to be recognized as individual people.  So I picked my kinda-favorite one of them, Charlie.

Both are currently appearing in Season 3 of Teen Wolf.  I haven't mentioned Teen Wolf in a while, and I considered stopping watching when Colton Haynes left.  But I'm really glad I didn't.  Teen Wolf would be my guilty pleasure, if I felt guilty about watching it.

Charlie and Max Carver

No hard and fast reasons WHY Charlie is my favorite.  Because I like the name "Charlie"?  Because he plays the gay twin on Teen Wolf?  Because although twins, Charlie at 5'10" is the shorter of the two, Max being 6'?  That one, I just found out about, so I don't think that REALLY impacted anything.

So yeah, Charlie's character, Ethan, is gay, and is in a relationship.  And I love the way the show handles it.  The scenes between Ethan (Charlie Carver) and Danny (Keahu Kahuanui) pretty much feel like scenes between a guy and a girl would.  It's never a big deal.  It doesn't become a "very special episode" in which we learn tolerance.  They're just THERE, being there, the way they are.  No biggie.  (I hope me talking about liking that it's no biggie isn't me turning it INTO a biggie.)

Keahu Kahuanui and Charlie Carver

I love Max and Charlie's characters on Teen Wolf, and I'm really rooting for them both to live (only mostly Ethan/Charlie), and maybe even become regulars.  (Wouldn't that be harsh if only one twin got to be a regular?  They couldn't even REALLY have the other one play the part sometimes, because of the height difference.)  But then the computer said that the two of them are in a pilot for something on HBO, I think.  So I hope THAT isn't a bad sign!  Stupid internet.

Anyway, the Twin thing: Easy gimmick in wrestling!  The dirty tricks!  The double teaming!  The illegal Twin Swapping!  And they're so cute, with these little happy mischievous naughty faces, like my dog used to have when he'd take a book away from me and run around with it, and then put it down on the ground, and stare up at me with his big brown eyes, and the MOMENT I made a move to get the book back, he'd snatch it back up and run away.  Aw, now I not only got off topic, but I'm all sad.