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Friday, May 23, 2014

Decisive But Unpredictable

Movimus Wrestling: Kevin Harris vs. Jimmy Reilly

Movimus Wrestling presents Kevin Harris vs. Jimmy Reilly.  Kevin Harris is the tough, military-looking type with the short hair and the tattoo.  Jimmy Reilly is the slightly lankier one with the shaggier hair and the less threatening demeanor.  A strong difference in type like this means I'm already interested.

I know the pictures speak for themselves but I'll say it anyway: The bodies on both of these guys are great.  Which is purely a bonus (a big, BIG bonus to some of us maybe), because as usual at Movimus the focus is on grappling, not posing.

Neither of these guys could be called a jobber, and this match is not a pushover one way or the other.  However, while being competitive and unpredictable and definitely not a squash, I think it's also safe to say that this match is pretty decisive.  After the final submission, there's the usual friendly handshake, but with one wrestler walking off with shoulders a little more slumped than when he entered, and the other with reason to puff his chest a little.  Fortunately, Movimus promises us a rematch!  In their own words, "Look for their rematch in the near future."  I'm looking!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Unfriendly Competition

Rock Hard Wrestling: Jake Jenkins vs Josh Steel

Sometimes I'm all about a little friendly competition.  It's heart-warming to see a couple competitors shake hands and have fun.  It's about who's seeing the best, but it doesn't have to be a WAR.

On the other hand, sometimes it's a WHOLE lot of fun when two guys really want the same thing, and go at it tooth-and-nail to make sure they get it.  Rock Hard Wrestling's Jake Jenkins vs. Josh Steel is the first in the King of the Ring series.  Five falls, and only one man can call himself King.  And Jake and Josh both really want it.

This is not the first time Jake Jenkins has appeared at Inner Jobber.  But personally, it's the first time I've seen him like THIS.  Pretty trash-talky, pretty dominant.  Before this, only seeing him as this lovable doomed babyface jobber, I mean it's not like I didn't believe he COULD be nastier, but his sweet side is SO sweet that I really wasn't prepared for his bad-ass side.  He's still the smaller guy in this match, but he's so confident (I mean like, SO confident) in his own abilities that he really doesn't seem to be at a disadvantage.

Even Josh Steel seems to be taking things more seriously than the last time I saw him at RHW.  That was a fun match, with some pre-match binging, but this time around against Jake Jenkins, Josh Steel has not handicapped himself.  And while Jake may be more experienced, Josh has definitely got the size advantage in this one.  Josh usually has this kind of fun-loving surfer vibe going for him, but he's as serious as Jake in this match.  There's a vicious side to HIM I haven't seen before either.

So this is a good match, if you like the kind of vicious back-and-forth battle where each wrestler has a lot to gain (reputation, prestige), to the point where they're willing to wrench submission after submission out of each other, deaf to cries of pain, listening only for that sweet submissive admission of inferiority signalling his own defeat...Yeah, I like that kind of match.

+50 Bonus Points! for post-match humiliation.  Here at Inner Jobber, we LOVE post-match humiliation, so we're happy to award these 50 bonus points to Rock Hard Wrestling for providing exactly the kind of poor sportsmanship and rubbing-it-in-ness we love to see.

Monday, May 19, 2014

My Favorite Picture Of Anthony Bravado

And one of my favorite pictures of anyone ever.  Click to enlarge.  Right click to save.  Print it on glossy photo paper.  Look at that ass.  Try NOT to look at that ass.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Big Bests Huge

I love Ryback.  I think it's really hot how big and ugly he is.

Now Sheamus is a big, big guy.  But Ryback is huge.  HUGE.  So it's fun to watch them go at it.

And you know me--it's even more fun to see a HUGE huge guy get taken down by a merely big guy.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Thick Solid Grappling

Movimus Wrestling: Josh Steele vs. Jayson Dolan (orange trunks)

Sorry if you find today's title to be a bit straightforward.  But "promise only what you're prepared to deliver," and I LIKE straightforward.  Probably that's why I like Movimus Wrestling, and Josh Steele vs. Jayson Dolan is just a really really great match.  I'm feeling really straightforward today, and this match is just REALLY satisfying that.  Two big thick strong wrestlers grappling.  It's honest.  There's grunting.  There's a wrestler turning a bright shade of red in a choke hold before he slaps the floor in submission (not multiple panicked taps, but one solid slap, pissed but resigned, a manly submission).

It builds and builds.  You can feel the frustration mounting.  With both guys roughly the same size and strength, it becomes a battle of wills--and they seem to be equally matched there, as well.  But sometimes it's hard to stem the flow once momentum gets going.  By the end of the match, I'm definitely wondering if a second match-up between these two would go the same way...

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Everybody Take It Off

Joe (Ringside at Skull Island) recently made a case for the best wrestling entrances involving peeling off a t-shirt.  I would like to support this, with the help of Dolph Ziggler and Batista.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

The jury's still out on whether it's preferable to take it off, or to already have taken it off.  Further evidence to support either case is certainly welcome.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hips Don't Lie

When my finally watching TNA after a few years made Rob Terry be on it again, I decided to give WWE another chance.  And I'm glad I did.

Fandango (with Layla) vs. Dolph Ziggler was an incredibly sexy match.  While it IS up on YouTube, a lot of the hip shaking is missing, so I'll provide you with some of that:

I know a lot of people think Fandango looked better as Johnny Curtis on account of the smaller gear, but I think that Johnny being Fandango and moving the way he does is definitely sexier.  (And I don't shy away from cheesy, in case you hadn't noticed.)

It's little matches like this that make me remember why I liked wrestling in the first place.  Sometimes a match like this seems hotter to me even than matches designed specifically for the gay consumer.  (Maybe it's the result of having lowered expectations for televised wrestling, so the least little something gets me all excited.)

Dolph starts in the ring (in pure jobber fashion that really works for me), but it's not a squash.

I LOVE how long Dolph's hair has gotten.  I LOVE watching Dolph, Fandango and Layla in motion.  And I LOVE how even in defeat, Fandango is such an alpha that he can make it all about him.