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Friday, March 20, 2015

What Turned Me Straight (And Gay Again)

Yesterday was quite an emotional strain.  I was getting groceries, and saw the following two magazines displayed next to each other, just like I've depicted below, and I was rendered instantly straight.

I think I might have felt new lesbians forming on the winds, as well.

Later that night, thanks to the power of DVD, I started watching the series "Angel" starring David Boreanaz for the first time.  (I've never seen "Buffy.")  After watching the first two discs of season one of "Angel," I can report that in his role, David Boreanaz has succeeded in making me gay again.

(It didn't SEEM like 1999 was such a long time ago, until it showed him using a big old computer to search the Internet in the library.  Holy shit!)

It's a really good show, and I really like him.  I don't know why I never watched it sooner.  I don't know why I don't watch "Bones" now.  He's in that.  In fact, I always kind of thought the "Bones" guy was hot (I used to call him Bones in my head but I don't think that's his character's name) and it's when I found out that Bones was Angel that I decided to see "Angel."

Anyway, big broody David Boreanaz as Angel.  Undoing the damage that Muscle & Fitness and Men's Health did to me.  Exhausting day.

Sean Pford Pfun Pfact: Wisdom teeth removal, ugh.  And reading about it, seems like most people are all, "Oh I had them out and that afternoon was back to work as usual, where I swing from my teeth on a trapeze."  That is not me.  Ugh.