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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

RG: Welcome To The Rear Guard

Welcome to the Rear Guard!  The Rear Guard is a subset of Inner Jobber celebrating the ass.  To get into the Rear Guard, one's ass has to be something more than just the top of one's legs.  It has to move me.  Posts concerning the Rear Guard will be identified by the "RG" in the title.  (Besides, it's good for me to try to re-establish what "RG" means in my head, ever since this promo where Edge described Cena's fighting style as that of a retarded gorilla, which for years has left me thinking of the mindless violent pounding approach as the RG Approach, which probably isn't very politically correct, thank you very much Mr. Edge.)  But the Rear Guard, that's something that means a lot to me.  We must show reverence to the finest examples of this particular body part.

Obviously, Mr. Rear Guard is none other than hot wrestling jobber Jason Static.  See him and his ass in action here.

For Mrs. Rear Guard, I had it suggested to me that Dianna Agron would make a good candidate.  I accept this, not because I'm friends with the person who proposed this, but because she stands--well, sits on her own merits.

Her ass has quite a following online.  Furthermore, there is a wrestling connection here: She was in the movie "The Family," which also featured Ted Arcidi.  (I certainly wouldn't call Meaty Arcidi assless, but for some reason wrestling photographers of the 1980's didn't seem to want to focus on that.  Shame, really.)

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Alex Riley Vs...

Alex Riley vs...

The Miz:

John Cena:

Damien Sandow:



Dolph Ziggler:

Jinder Mahal:

Tyson Kidd:

Kevin Owens:

Friday, April 24, 2015

Get On Out Of Your Underpants

Sexy is great, adorable is great, but add in a good sense of humor (and a reluctance to take yourself too seriously) and it's almost overload (in such a good way).

Max Emerson's videos for aspiring male underwear models show off all these wonderful assets.  Here is a link to the series, "Max's Underpants".  Max gives out tips on Photoshop, working with straight models and female models, dealing with VPL, and more.  His guest stars help keep the show running, and I'm seriously hoping for a season two.

Where the Wild Things Are!

Here he reminds me of Zack Ryder.

Watch below: