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Friday, May 29, 2015

Freaky Fiki

This is Fiki.  Fiki Storaro.  He is a pop-folk singer from Bulgaria.  Physically, he is larger than most pop stars.  In fact, he is larger than a lot of wrestlers.  According to Bulgarian Wikipedia, he was born in 1995.  His father, Toni Storaro, was born in 1976, so it seems to add up, but damn!

His music's good, catchy.  Reading translations of his song lyrics, they're a good mix of either fun-and-catchy, or super-melodramatic, both good things in my mind.  (I make no apologies for what I love.  It ain't easy being cheesy.)

See some of his videos here:
Boom (Bum)
Soul (Dusha)
Who (Koy)
God, Forgive Me (Bozhe, Prosti)
It Was Love (Beshe Obich)
Stop It! (Stiga)

And with the also-hot Galena.  Did I mention how hot I'm finding Bulgarian pop stars?

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Lucky And Konnor

Once upon a time, before NXT was a wrestling show, it was a place where fresh young wrestlers willing to hone their craft were given silly challenges and made to look dumb, whereupon one Michael Cole would mock them in front of the world and stop any momentum they might ever have been able to get going.  Back then, today's Konnor was Conor O'Brian, and he had a match against a favorite of mine, Lucky Cannon.  This will sound backhanded, but I'm being sincere: I love Lucky Cannon's generic-ness.  He feels like the well-balanced Player 1 in a video game.  And Lucky's size is so good--whether he's the bigger guy or the smaller guy in a match depends entirely upon his opponent.  I read recently that he still wrestles as Johnny Eminger, and I hope that's true.

I also love Konnor in his own, meaty way.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Andrews Dashes Dashing Dash!

In Rock Hard Wrestling's King of the Ring 3, Ethan Andrews and Dash Decker face off in a tie-breaking grudge match.  The suspense is high, and you couldn't ask for a more back-and-forth match.  But since Dash is a personal favorite of mine, I've selected only images of Dash suffering, because holy hotness!  But don't let my skewed pictures deceive you--like I said, back-and-forth.

Seriously though, I just want to take Dash home.  Wait, I think he'd just you know, take over, and boss me around, and make me do stuff for HIM.  Arrogant prick!  Waitaminute.  I could totally live with that.  Anyway, thank you, Rock Hard Wrestling!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Titus O'Neil Vs...

It's often true: the bigger the guy, the hotter the suffering.  Which makes Titus O'Neil's suffering pretty darn hot.  Incidentally, he's also fairly obviously a member of the Rear Guard, but this post isn't labeled "Rear Guard" because, while it may include some sweet ass photos, it doesn't deal solely with his sweet ass.

Titus O'Neil vs...



Lucky Cannon (!!):


Big E:

Jack Swagger:

Bo Dallas:

Luke Harper:

Dolph Ziggler:

Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins: