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Saturday, April 29, 2017

More Than Just Pretty

What to do, in a situation as I find in Rock Hard Wrestling's Tanner Hill vs Alex Waters, King of the Ring 8, in which both wrestlers are just so, so pretty?  If you're me, you go for the one with the floppier hair, in this case, Alex Waters.  My only tiny little quibble being that Alex does frequently brush his hair back with his hand.  Naw, you gotta let that hair flop, right in your face!

So deciding that the beautiful, beautiful, floppy-haired Alex Waters is who I'm going for, that still doesn't really determine if I want to see him WIN or not.  He's beautiful dishing it out, but maybe even MORE beautiful on the receiving end.  Judge for yourself in these following images, Tanner Hill in green, Alex Waters in blue (very elemental).

This match was generously provided by Rock Hard Wrestling.

Tanner Hill vs Alex Waters