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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Big Bearhug: Do You Know?

Alright guys, so there's this Big Bearhug video on YouTube:

And what I wanna know is: Do any of you know what the video is, or where it's available, or who the wrestlers are?  I'm PRETTY sure the beefy stud in the black "Adonis" trunks is Bulldog Barzini (but I've been wrong about these things before), but I don't know about the lightly hairy hunk in the lime green trunks, with the fantastic ass.

The two minutes of this match on YouTube, I love.  So thanks for posting, bearwrestlemuscle.  And while it does feature a big bearhug, a big selling point for me is the reversal, a front sleeper by Fantastic Ass on Bulldog Adonis.  Now, some wrestling purists might say, "I don't know, that sleeper didn't look like it was applied very tight," but I, personally, am all about suspending my disbelief to enjoy the fantasy.  Ooh, and at the end, when the thick powerhouse finally succumbs, going limp and helpless as he fades into unconsciousness, but Fantastic Ass keeps the hold on, grunting and thrusting as he applies some final vindictive pressure, AND as you may know, every second a sleeper is kept on while the victim is unconscious makes it take that much longer for him to wake up.

SO, if anybody has any info about this match (someone had asked in the comments of the video, but it didn't look like that was going to be answered), if you could please tell us what you know in the comments of this post, I bet people will say "Thank you."  And if you don't know, and like me are in the dark, you can always watch these two minutes again, or look at the screenshots I took for this post.